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By Anonymous
"Weak to phy (thrust)" "Attacks to the head"
By Anonymous
Uh oh...
By Anonymous
Demi Human ashes at night. Huge help. They did their normal run around and attack everything in sight, the benefit was they took care of the sheep in a few seconds and started distracting the dragon. Allowing me to concentrate on just what I needed to, the dragon.
By Anonymous
Donkey, "Why of course you're a girl dragon."
By Anonymous
Just had her appear at Rampartside the first time I went to Altus Plateau. Seems she can appear here first.
By Anonymous
Abandoned Coffin appearance is optional. The real fight is at the rampartside.
By Anonymous
Sister of crossbreed Priscilla* sorry fromsoftware you wrote your own lore wrong, praise the fluffy tail dragon girl!
By Anonymous
Lansseax isn't even a crossbreed. She's just a dragon.
By Anonymous
Vyke had a dragon gf this is canon
By Evarika
She moved at around 90% health for me, presumably for the same reason that Gurranq de-aggroed for me at around 95% health.
By Anonymous
why is the camera so garbage for this fight
By Anonymous
awful fight, another artificially difficult boss only because of the **** camera and is too high on its feet to fit in the screen, meaning the only reliable target to attack with a melee weapon is the feet, but it also moves a lot so it's not that easy
now imagine the pain trying to fight it with a short range melee weapon such as ceastus...
also **** the goats
By Anonymous
If only you had dozens and dozens of other weapons and spells to choose from....
By Anonymous
Why would you fight it with a caestus in the first place?
By Anonymous
what's going on with this game's dragon names? so many sex jokes possible
By Anonymous
Latin-inspired naming convention for dragons has been used accross high fantasy and Martin used it too.
By Anonymous
Only it's not Latin, it's Old English. Lansseax means "long knife".
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