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By Anonymous
This fight is impossible, I won most of boss fights on first try, and this one is just crazy
By Anonymous
It's a rough fight indeed. I relied on a bit of luck with my Spirit Ashes (Demi-Human ashes +7 I used). They need to keep them busy so you can hammer away at the one with the spear first since he's weaker. If you can hammer away at him he will stagger as well and within half a minute he should be dead and then it's just a 1v1.
By Anonymous
You sound like a quitter, the moment you meet slight resistance (probably cheese build) it's "impossible"
By Anonymous
I have killed the boss and only received "Aspect of the Crucible: Tail". No armor or weapons.
By Anonymous
You got the wrong one. There is a crucible knight early on and then this one with a crucible knight and boss
By Anonymous
im guessing you killed the evergoal version, this version is in a different location and will drop the armor
By Anonymous
wrong boss fight this one is in a dungeon
By Anonymous
That is from the knight in the Gaol. You fight Ordovis in addition to a crucible knight.
By Anonymous
this is a different boss
By Anonymous
KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
For this fight solo, I ran Godricks rune (rune arc upped), atleast lvl 5 skeleton militia summon for their survivability, and I had the greatsword +16. Any weapon will work solo but you better do a lot of damage and more importantly have a very tanky or hard to kill summon. I started the fight by running to the left since that will make your summons attack the staff knight while you can duel ordovis for awhile. The arena is sizeable but these dudes will literally sprint at you most of the time and they have mega range. If you got the crucible knight moveset down, then eventually you can win solo as long as your summons draw one aggro sufficiently enough until you can just 1v1 the other knight.

Just giving tips cause this fight solo was very frustrating. Would highly recommend not soloing it if possible
By Anonymous
is this the same crucible knight you fight in castle redmane?
By onemuhammad
Idk whether this boss has the same attack as the "Crucible Knight" or not, but imma gonna PARRY hard this boss as I parry the red one.
By yoduh
for a 2 hand strength build I used Mimic Tear Ashes +8. my mimic was able to hold aggro on Ordovis and gave me the exact amount of time needed to kill the other knight before the mimic died.
By Anonymous
Just did it solo, no spirits. Stick to 1 knight, dont get greedy (usually u can get only 1 hit in) bait them so they attack at the same time. This leaves small windows. And once halfway back up largely, this way the swiping wing attacks land near ur character getting 1 or 2 hits in. Rinse and repeat, stay patient.
By Anonymous
so did finally fromsoft whiffed gank boss quality? both of them doing the same stuff its only a rare condition where the spear one spamming ranged attack, theres no contrast between slow and fast boss like usual
i cant find an opening at all using great club maybe you can with smaller weapon or summons but its hellish with ultras, maybe i have to git gud, idk anymore
By Anonymous
The range on their poke attacks are messed up. Almost got one down and then they both spam earthquake attacks
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