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For those who may be having issues with this fight, the Assassin's Gambit Ash of War will allow you to aggro the spear knight and not Ordovis himself, go hard right or left and hug the wall all the way to the back of the Arena and engage the Spear Knight in a 1v1. Try to stay in the back part of the arena because if you get too close to Ordovis he will aggro and will make the fight rather difficult.

If you're going the parry route, utilize Assassin's Crimson Dagger because the heal is consistent and using a flask against either the Spear Knight or Ordovis will almost always cause you to get hit unless you're a decent distance away.
By Anonymous
Just use flame night blade L2 R2 it does so much damage at a decent lvl
By Anonymous
After a few tries i found a solution for me
As soon as i entered the mist i summoned the great shield skeletons while the skeletons aggro'ed em both nice and tight i used Ekzykes Decay on both em 2 full times and they got scarlet rot i seperated them (1 was fighting the remaining skeletons) and picked em apart with the Fallingstar Beast Jaw for a med-close range type of fight
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Note to FromSoftware: Ornstein and Smough was a great fight because their moveset was so different. One was fast and charged at you with swift melee attacks (also used ranged attacks), the other was a heavy hitter but slow and kitable. The fight made sense. Having two enemies that move at the same speed does not work the same way. More than 50% of the fight was just running circles to get them to separate from each other. Almost identical behaviour tree makes it even worse.

**** this fight. Didn't even feel rewarded when I beat it, just relieved it was finally ****ing over.
By Anonymous
I can finally beat these two reliably. The trick is that they will not attack at the same time unless they're close together. Keep front knight between you and a pillar while the back is behind that same pillar. You have to be really patient and the fight takes awhile
By Anonymous
You can beat them without parrying by keeping medium distance from the secondary knight, and very slowly moving back.

Too close, and both will attack you. Too far, and the second knight will charge you. By keeping one knight close and second knight few meters away, only one will attack at a time.
By Anonymous
Their HP values seem to be really off in this page. Watching a guy playing a SL1 run and doing ~300 damage on a riposte and it's not even close to 10% of the HP bar of a Knight.
By Anonymous
Trying to fight them with Ghiza's Wheel is not advised. Trust me.
By Anonymous
Casting night maiden mist and dancing around them with target lock on is the definition of cheese for these
By Anonymous
Today i tried to parry this dude, it's pretty much the first time trying to parry a crucible knight so i don't know if the other knights have the same problem for me.
I was a summon, just in case that changes anything, connection was good though. So i got a few half parries, like where you partially block damage and you get a bonk sound but you sitll done goofed, but when i was sure i got the timing right, the attack just phased right through me, without damaging me.
I got like 10 instances of that, it was really irritating ngl. Not one actual parry, i just don't get hurt and he keeps his combo going, as if nothing happened at all.
tf is going on? anyone else here had that issue?
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