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By Anonymous
The Site of Grace sidebar is missing the Gateside Chamber Site of Grace.
By Anonymous
this place is a loveletter to old Souls fans, a mix of Undead Burg, Boletaria Palace and Lothric Castle, it also means after this place **** is going to get wild from here
By Anonymous
Marred wooden shield and Crimson hood are missing from the item list of loot. Not sure if there's more
By Anonymous
Anything about that npc that tells u about his job with cleaning corpses.
By Anonymous
I love how the entire dungeon can be completed in like 60-90 seconds by just spamming quickstep or bloodhound's step through the main gate.
By Anonymous
best dungeon in the game, hands down. having crawled through it twice im sure ive still missed areas. and the way its so expansive yet manages to be recursive and take you back to new parts of the same areas over and over no matter where you go... this is from's environmental team at their absolute best i think. hats off to them.
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