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Is there an input for my gender?
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By Anonymous
Only if you are male or trans male. No female option.
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My character has the male body but I used a female template for the head to make a really cute girl face. Awesome that you can do that
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I am sorry to announce that from soft has yet to develop character creation tools for the mentally deranged.
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Body type a and b
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Youtube channel Soulssliders has plenty of sliders. People have said you can use DS3 sliders in Elden Ring. 300+ options there.
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We need sliders to allow for greater range in customization
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Add a note about eye alterations. The option only appears after you do something during the playthrough that causes your eyes turn change color/look. You can turn it on or off
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Have found three different eye alterations so far, they can be turned on and off but, they also overwrite each other if gotten after one-another it seems, or, some might take priority over the others. I sorta wish there was a way to actually choose between them all once unlocked per-character, but, unfortunately that isn't an option.

[Warning for slight spoilers, will try to keep it simple and direct people to NPCs / Places involved]

Bloodied Red Eyes can be gotten by following White-Faced Varre's questline

Orange/Yellow Frenzied Flame Eyes can be gotten from following Hyetta's questline

Yellow Dragon Eyes can be gotten from interactions with the Cathedral of Dragon Communion
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anon above, thank you, I thought my character's eyes were glowing abnormally yellow, but assumed it was due to the lava when I noticed it (at Mt Gelmir), I'd just bought all the dragon communion items I had access to just for the sake of having them and didn't notice the change!!
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Such a diverse character creator: Male or transitioning to male. Great job, From.
By Anonymous
My brother in Christ, you made the character.
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why all of you Body Type B-ist said "kill all Body Type As"

please stop harassing me I'm just a normal handsome Body Type A looking for Body Type B because I didn't have any Body Type B as my BodyTypeBfriend yet
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Hero - Hp Tali - Loner
Warrior - Seed - Numen
Vagabond - Woe - Seafarer
Confessor - Runes - Northerner
Prophet - Truth-seeker - Stone Keys
Astrologist - Aristocrat - Imps
Bandit - Nightfolk - Pot
Prisoner - Draconian - Branch
Samurai - Reedlander - Prawn
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Bandit should be Draconian cause he fits a Dragon Communion Faith-Arcane build, and Prisoner is thus a Nightfolk, connected with Eternal Cities and had some intrigue while researching with mages, but then cast away for his crime
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Burn Marks applies a -10 Lightning and +10 Fire defense/damage negation effect.
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No they don't
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When altering my appearance with the mirror or Renala, I can not see my face changing when using the sliders. Is there any way to solve this?
By Anonymous
I found that I can't change my appearance when eye alterations are on. Go into alter face and hair > eyes.
By Anonymous
In my case, I had my appearance saved as a Favorite. I simply loaded that Favorite and it worked again (I don't know if it would still work if you saved your appearance after the bug appears, though)