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By Anonymous
Brutally overpowered. This skill singlehandly makes ANY thrusting weapon viable and weapons that do not have the seppuku option are less viable, namely almost all large weapons. They have no equivalent to this AoW. And Cragblade? Don't make me laugh! A flat 10% to damage and stagger only, while Seppuku enables bleeding proc on a single strike.

Buff Cragblade out the *** or nervous this to high heaven
By Anonymous
Autocorrect has to be on the list of humanity's worst inventions.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Invader shows up in a tomb, me and the host in a hallway I used this on my powerstanced iron greatswords, invader starts to cast a rot breath, I charge them, the moment before it goes off I smack them and one shot them with an instant bleed proc + 1000 ar. Call me scuzzy if you want but I still enjoy the fact that some invader likely spiked their controller.
By Anonymous
seppuku mfs when i employ the high iq tactic of walking away
By Anonymous
They need to buff Cragblade by a lot because this just blows it out of the water. If built correctly, this will basically double your blood loss buildup for a minute and give you 32% more damage for 20 seconds. The fact that this exists and hasn’t been nerfed yet is a testament to how ridiculously underpowered Cragblade is.
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By EvilUnicornLord
Been on a quest to find the most ridiculous weapons to put this on just so I can comically impale myself with something that should break all my ribs and spine. Lance, night's cavalry glaive, and forked Greatsword are the strongest contenders so far.
By Anonymous
beastmans cleaver beats all of those. you literally cut yourself in half lol
By Anonymous
Celebrant's Rib-Rake and Ripple Crescent Halberd are way funnier.
By Anonymous
Sepoopoo < bloodlust < bloodletter
Don't @ me
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Bloodlust except maidenless
By Divine_Knight
Dont heal after using this in a Duel. Seen to many people doing this. Except incantation heal, incantation heal is okay.
By Anonymous
I don’t do “ honor” or any Reddit **** like that in duels. I’ll do what I want and you can’t stop me.
By Anonymous
No one can stop you from flask healing in a duel, just don’t be surprised if people refuse to fight you. It’s not just Reddit *******, it’s that when people are specifically trying to duel, they’re looking for a fight with some honor. Buffing is fine just accept a bit of health as the cost
By Anonymous
Hey I’m a scumbag and it’s my choice, ok?
By Anonymous
So I was wondering how good would this be on a frost katana? And the answer is: Basically rob but somewhat balanced(?)
By Arham
occult bleed is bugged you get a lot more bleed with occult than blood affinity for some reason when you use the skill
By Anonymous
It's not bugged, occult applies better arcane scaling
It really depends on your arcane stat, wether you're using blood or occult affinity, and if the weapon you are applying it to has native bleed
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