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By Anonymous
Weebs…weebs everywhere…
By Anonymous
what do you expect from a game made by a japanese company which draws from and references japanese culture, and is known for paying homage to Berserk, a famous japanese manga?

embrace the weebery or restore honor by committing sudoku, ohhhhhh elden ring...
By Anonymous
Where to find??
By Anonymous
Freezing lake
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is there a duration for this buff?
By Anonymous
Yes 60 seconds after it says bleed
By Anonymous
This'll be perfect for my bleed build samurai, Sudoku.
By Anonymous
Nooooo, don't commit sudoku!
By Anonymous
My question is how much additional bleed per hit does it apply to your weapon? Or is it a percentage?
By Anonymous
I believe it a percentage. Using it, I was triggering bleed every third or fourth swing, versus every six or seven. (Using the Serpent God Curved Sword)
By Anonymous
Lasts about 55 seconds after the stab animation ends. Tested on Occult Cross-Naginata +24.
By Anonymous
Not fully sure about this but it seem when I use this on my Godskin Peeler, it cause minor damage ticks on nearby allies, when cooperating or even on torrent when mounted.
By Anonymous
Are you wearing the deathbed dress? AR buffs while wearing it will damage your allies instead of healing them
By Anonymous
Yep, it was the deathbed dress. I found out just recently that it can be a meme. Eclipes shotel makes that a pretty disgusting trolling dress.
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