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By Anonymous
Lots of people forget that this also adds a decent chunk of flat damage, which often times can make up for the damage lost by bleed/occult infusing the weapon
By Anonymous
Just now started using it,apparently its been nerfed but I've gone 23 games as of writing this and proced bleed in 2 hits sometimes one on my secret bleed build. One guy I hit twice and bled twice pretty insane.
By Anonymous
Nerfed to the fiery depths of hell like it deserves. Still a good choise for poison and occult infusions since you cant blood grease those.
By Anonymous
Quick question. Does the extra bleed only apply to the weapon the arte is on? I'm trying to find a way of buffing a weapon while using war cry ect.
By Anonymous
Jesus Christ, this skill is pathetic now, you're better off using a blood grease and leave it at that, I really don't like the way that from nerfs to the ground everything that's remotely fun, happy for you pvp folks, but for us PVE players is an absolute annoyance
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