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By Anonymous
Wish would just yeet your spear and then would have to run over to pick it up then throwing this silly ghost spear
By Anonymous
It's pretty solid. It makes breaking poise on big enemies pretty easy from medium range and lets you set up your weapon switch for high critical damage.
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By cnadycorn
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pros: great tracking and range, often hits enemies on the head
deals good poise damage, not like FOTR but pretty close, so it can be used as a long range option to keep a boss's poise meter from resetting if you cant get near it
decent fp usage to the value you get out of it
deals alright damage, nothing to write home about though

cons: slow start-up and god awful recovery time
its an occult aow, so the alright damage youd get on an arcane built becomes just plain mediocre on anything else
By Anonymous
Long Range BONK.
By Anonymous
put on claymans harpoon to go spear fishing
By Anonymous
This should get boosted by the arrows sting talisman imo, would be very poggers of From tbh
By Anonymous
I have respected every offensive stat to 50 and tried all ranged ashes of war, this one sadly deals the least damage and is slow.

Str best ranged ash is heavy infused stormblade/vacuum slice. Flame of the Redmanes with Heavy Infusion is a nice aoe Ash of War with some range.
Dex has Keen infused Beast's Roar and you can combo this with highland axe and roar medallion, it is top 2 in range with Spectral lance.
Str/Dex can use quality ashes well with heavy and keen respectively, Quality can also use theirs.
Faith/Int use spells/incantations instead. If not you have Sacred Blade and Glintstone Phalanx respectively.
Arcane only has Spectral Lance. It's almost never going to be leveled alone so likely you can use another ash of war or spells/incantations.

For some reason I went for minimal requirements for my lance 20 str, 14 dex, 10 int/fth and 99 arcane and Icy spear still does well over 1000 damage.
It's just universally good but has mediocre range
Sadly my +25 Occult Lance with Spectral Spear barely reaches 600 damage and it has damage falloff.

I personally rate this ash of war a 3/10. It has range, arcs goes towards the head and is cheap to cast but it's too slow, does too little damage, has a long recovery. No matter the build you have better damage options elsewhere.
It's a shame cause I personally like it.
By Anonymous
I'd be fine with the low damage if it cast a lot faster and had less recovery time
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure the point of it is to be a range option for melee builds not wanting to invest in magic/faith and FP hungry use. It's okay saying Vacuum slice is better, but the range and tracking is ***, to the point you may as well be using something like Moonveil anyway.
By Anonymous
incredibly useful for melee focused builds, especially when it comes to hitting a dragon’s head. bonus points if you’re an arcane build, that way it does decent damage as well
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