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By Anonymous
One of the few summons actually pretty effective for Malenia. Her ranged attacks and quick pokes mixed in with teleporting retreats helps mess with Malenias aggro and stops her from regening too much off your summons compared to most.
By Anonymous
YouTube: Luthel +10 almost killed Dragonic Tree Sentinel! Solo! All commentaries on this Page is garbage and lie! She is not tank, she is armored DD.
By Anonymous
You have to wonder why they bothered giving us a Death Blight summon if you can’t even use them against invaders or in pvp
By Anonymous
You can use her in pvp in the arena shes pretty fun as she does deathbligh
By Anonymous
Dont even attempt to use her as a mage. Any boss fight 9/10 times you'll take aggro

Randomly teleporting is cool and all but its never what you need lol
By Anonymous
Ignore the people who don't understand how the game works. lhutel is a top 3 ash. Mimic tear reigns supreme but up to that endgame ash Luthel is probably a top 2. She works well with almost any build what sets her apart is she sticks around. Yes she teleports away but worst case you dodge and block while she attacks from behind and when the enemy switched targets you go ham on them.
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By CptObvious1994
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Lhutel and Mimic being top tier depends entirely on your build. If you're a mage, they're both really bad options. Lhutel is incapable of keeping aggro off of you, and Mimic dies super quickly and isn't really great at choosing the right spell to use.
By Anonymous
Lhutel's RNG can be divisive, either allowing her to phase out of boss AOE that would kill any other summon for you or randomly disappearing just when you needed her to tank most. If you want pure DPS there are better options, same with tanks, and nothing beats Mimic Tear.
But the Coliseum update at least makes her Deathblight relevant again, it sucked that she was one of the only status inflicting summons but Deathblight happens to be effective against NPCs you usually can't use spirit ashes against. She can be a lot scarier with a Deathblight focused PvP build.
By Anonymous
Constantly the one summon who lasts the longest she dosnt hold agro but damn can she finish the fight no other summon in the game just phase away from one shoting damage its like ultra instinct.
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