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By Anonymous
I can confirm he does recover health each time he defeas an enemy
By Anonymous
Summoned him for Astel. He kept his distance and 90% of his shots hit the boss in the head, so he's definately aiming there. His RoF is low enough that you can keep aggro off, and strong enough that each shot makes a difference. And he hits every shot.
By Anonymous
Recovers HP on Kill pretty nice for Exploring.
By Anonymous
He's actually pretty good. I used him against malakith and he kept shooting from a distance.
By Anonymous
Boy is he good at taking hits. I've named him Barnabus. We are bros for life.
By xianxian
I named mine Hank the Tank and he's helping me with my archery.
By Anonymous
i named mine barny too!!
By Anonymous
After walking Siofra River with dozens of large green arrows sticking out of my body I can't wait to use them against others...
By Anonymous
If you want a low FP cost general purpose Tank/Ranged DPS support, look no further. He can't really stand in there against any of the main bosses, but if you can hold the agro, he is pretty good. The Page might be slightly better, but its more FP. 63FP probably makes him the 2nd best "Bargain". Nothing beats the Greatshield Soldiers, but they are more specialized and don't really do great at range. +10 Soldiers take out the Deathblight field boss and his two adds in Farum Azula with no help. Tiche, DungEater, nor Oleg can do that.
By Anonymous
Honestly demi humans or mausoleum soldiers probably would be better. Both low fp options.
By Anonymous
+3 and above, this helps a ton with Rennala phase 1 with wild swings, and phase 2 thanks to range support.
By Anonymous
You know, it would be wonderful if someone actually listed stats and what each upgrade tier does either here or on the Spirit Ashes page. Actual numbers would greatly help in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each summon rather than relying on differing community opinion and allegorical evidence.
By Anonymous
...allegorical evidence.
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By Hirotoro
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While this is true, the usefulness of the Spirits goes far beyond their mere combat stats. For instance some specialise in status effects. Some hang around, some get up close and personal, some phase in and out, some use crowd control. This guy is like a sniper railgun and his shots seem to CONSTANTLY stance break almost every enemy and weaker bosses in 1 hit, making them trivial. A stats table won't tell you THAT.
By Anonymous
Redmane Knight Ogha little bro basically. Arrows hit like missiles, can take hits, will turn to melee if need be. For melee builds he is superb support.