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By Anonymous
Does anyone know where the location is?
By Anonymous
Yeah you get it in the volcano manor questline
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Here, obviously. It says it in the description ;) lol
By Anonymous
. Location goes here
By Anonymous
It's a reward in volcano mansion quest
By Anonymous
How do u get the quest?
By Anonymous
You get this by joining Volcano Manor and then doing the 2 assainations. Talk to main person then in the room off to side there will be a letter. read it and it will mark the map where you need to go and you will see a red sign do it, return, repeat. boom katana
By Anonymous
location is Volcano Manor, join them and do one or two parts of their quest.
By Anonymous
It has C scaling in dex at base, not E
By Anonymous
At regular +14 it has a Scaling of Strength E and Dextery B. he Basedamage is 231. Damage reduction values didnt change from +0 - +14.
By Anonymous
Scales C with Dex not E
By Anonymous
So is this the new Manslayer, just with worse dex scaling? I loved that weapon back in DS2 days.
By Anonymous
Most weapons in this game have garbage scaling right off the bat. Keep in mind that you can potentially upgrade this to +25.
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