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By Anonymous
No infusion and no Arc scaling? Incredibly lame.
By Anonymous
would have preferred unsheathe over double slash. the heavy is already just double slash but better
By Anonymous
No reason why these aren't infusible
By Anonymous
Honestly… for PvP, this thing shreds. Doesn’t need a buff or tuning in the scaling department. It’s R2s are fantastic for mixing up with double slash and roll catching. It may actually need a slight nerf. But with the range being so short… maybe not.
By Anonymous
Does not use somber, can't infuse/change AoW, **** damage, no bleed, barely able to trigger poison that's why you are better of using any other katana with moth poison on keen. ffs
By Anonymous
Would be the coolest weapon in the game if From just let us Occult infuse it
By Anonymous
Bros, you have no idea how much I wish this weapon had a skill like Corpse Piler but with like green goo that inflicts rapid poison.
By Anonymous
-Unchangeable AOW
-Uses normal smithing stones

I wish I could change the ash and weapon typage, because the R2 is really friggin cool and might make procs easier, which would be great if it wasn't tied to poison since you cant change the type.
By Anonymous
come on from, not even a D in arc
By Anonymous
An easy fix to the Meteoric Ore Blade, Serpentbone Blade and Dragonscale Blade Katanas would be to increase the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana's scaling to B Str, E Dex and B Int, making it the Strength equivalent of the Moonveil Katana.

What I would do with the Serpentbone Blade katana is to make it buffable with grease or incantations(Similar to Bloodhound fang or Treespear), giving you the option to get bleed from Bloodflame Blade or more poison build up from Poison Armamanent.

What I would do with the Dragonscale Blade Katana is give it a passive frostbite of 50, making it more viable without using its Ash of War. The last thing I would do is change the Ash of War. It's simply not a good AOW to use as a weapon buff. What I had in mind would be to give it a AOW duplicate like some of the other Katanas have, like moonveil having a better version of unsheathe and ROA having a better version of Double Slash. So my idea would be to give it a better version of Piercing Fang(Nagakiba's AOW), and what I would change about it would be to make the blade call down a bolt of ice lightning into the blade whilst holding the weapon horizontally similar to Piercing Fang, and when thrusting, bringing down the bolt of ice lightning upon a foe like the ash of war it already has, giving the 130 flat lightning damage and 30 frostbite build up instead of 80, since it already has the passive 50 frostbite.

By making these changes, It would make them more likely to be used and be able to hold their end against the Moonveil and Rivers of Blood Katanas.
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