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By Anonymous
Watch them put one in dlc that has more resistance than vendrick if you have 0 giant souls.
By Shitposter
Apparently, rune bears are transforming into magma wyrms. If you look into their eyes, theyre very reptilian looking like a dragons, and on on their chest you can see stone chunks comming out of their heart.
By Anonymous
I'd be ok with sh tty oversized, overpowerd enemy with milion health, instant charge attacks and ranged projectile attack that doesn't make any sense for it to have if we would get any sort of reward for killing it. It drops nothing of value, not many runes either.
By Anonymous
Lesser or not I hate these guys so much
By Anonymous
The "LESSER" ones are actually several times stronger than the "greater" variants.
By Anonymous
Artificial difficulty. A large monster that moves far faster than it's bulk would suggest, and it's not a boss, but a regular enemy found everywhere. The shoulder tackle is by far my most hated move, followed closely by that ridiculous "bear hug". It hits fast, repositions faster, and it's not in any way fun to fight. Most people here tell you to either avoid it or cheese it.

This might just be the worst enemy in the game.
By Anonymous
Best rune farm in east limgrave.
Broadsword +0 with its natural Ash of War make them a joke.
By Anonymous
Flame of the Redmanes can consistently put the bear with the Larval Tear in Consecrated Snowfield down with two casts for a crit. Just hope the bear doesn't decide to kill you if you need to chug a blue flask.
By Anonymous
try the pulley crossbow and sleep arrows to slow these guys down
By Anonymous
Turns out that fighting these things with bloodhounds step makes them sorta fun.
By Anonymous
If you must fight one of these, roll into their attacks and try your best to hug them and/or stay underneath them, i would usually just avoid these things since their drops are not anywhere near worth the trouble of dealing with one of these things but rolling into them and sticking close to them usually works, atleast for me.
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