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By Anonymous
Killed one and got a Larval Tear.
By Anonymous
Same here, it was one I fought near the start of the game. Did not even know what it was for.
By Anonymous
Same here, killed one that is near the start disguised as a normal enemy around where you fight Bloodhound Knight and it dropped.
By Anonymous
That was actually a mimic��� they are scattered around the world, disguised as various creatures, and do not respawn.
By Anonymous
there is one not far from the one scratching the tree, an apparition of a lamp post in some crossroads when activated leads you straight to one sleeping, i attacked failed to kill it ran away, and here two days later randomly a lesser rune bear appeared out of thin air and killed me near agheel lake south (pretty sure it can appear anywhere) so lesson learned don't attack the sleeping massive bear unless you can kill it
By Anonymous
The one that appears near the lake is a trap. It appears as soon as you kill one of the weak undead units.
By Anonymous
They can be poisoned.
By Anonymous
A very large one spawned right on top of me after I killed an undead on the cliff just east of the Agheel Lake South site of grace.
By Anonymous
You'll want to kill it to get a Larval Tear which will let you re-spec your stats
By Anonymous
Me too! I'd have spit out my coffee if i was drinking any. A giant t-posing bear appeared out of nowhere and sat on my head.
By Anonymous
Monkey bear
By Anonymous
There is a generic digger mob in along the road south of Waypoint Ruins, except he isn't digging but just standing on a rock. If you kill him he turns into one of these monstrosities.
By Anonymous
I'm not sure it's just him. My partner and I tackled that area last night and he poofed into existence the first time we killed any of them.

Might've gotten lucky and we both killed the same guy in both our runs, but I could've sworn we killed different guys.
By Anonymous
Got me ****ing scared the first time.
By Anonymous
I learned this the hard way, heading to the Evergaol and just decided to randomly kill one of them. Little did I know, a MASSIVE BEAR comes chasing Torrent and I down.
By Anonymous
why do these things have so much HP
By Anonymous
Honestly, this is one of the worst ****ing enemies in this game. Hits hard, has a **** of HP and gives a tiny bit of runes. And it's NOT even a miniboss!
By Anonymous
Their chest makes them look sort of like sun bears
By Anonymous
And their long arms and huge size sorta reminds me of the extinct "Short Faced Bear".
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