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By Anonymous
one of those bosses besides black blade kondred that hit like a truck
sooooo much damage that every hit is worth of flask
By Anonymous
when he does the lightning wave just jump
By ernie007
What helped me a lot was learning to Golden Parry (just) the running attack. Relatively easy to time. I'd follow up with a jumping strong attack (hammer style) and try to poise-break him. If successful, fully charged strong attack + jumping attack.
By Anonymous
Becomes immune to poison after reaching 2/3 of his health with poison
By Anonymous
No, just highly resistant, cast the spell before it un procs to continue build up without the resistance
By Anonymous
Took about 10 tries before I beat him last night. I finally decided to use Spirit Jellyfish +5 after trying the other ashes and having them all die quickly, and Trogoth to help keep aggro (both of them were good at it) He couldn't bombard me from afar too much before I could close in like the first several times I faced him (having 8 crimson tear flasks helped allowing me to survive, as even with 40 vigor, some of his attacks took me all the way down to 30% health. I did have rotten breath, but my seal was only +11 when I faced him (afterwards, I found the a remaining +4 smithing stone that got me up to +14).

Now if only I could beat the Tree Sentinel duo on the entrance to the capital outskirts coming in from the Altus Junction site of grace....
By Anonymous
You can fight them one by one if you lure them out to the other side of the wall from behind.
By Anonymous
You can fight them one by one if you lure them out from behind.
By Anonymous
i dont see how people cant dodge the homing bot attack, all you have to do is dodge the second his sheild goes down its like nito’s sword dance move from darksouls. Act as though that action is attacking you directly dont focus on the lightning. Works every time.
By Anonymous
I find that moving to his shield side makes them way easier to fight. They still hit hard as hell though.
By Anonymous
Absolutely idiotic boss. Everything is fine except for the homing bolt that is basically impossible to dodge and one shots you. Can't believe this move made it into the final game
By Anonymous
Finally got him on RL1 no summon. I know he's not insanely hard, but he was my first real challenge so far on the run and I found him a lot of fun.
Some stuff I learned in case you're doing the same:

-You can land attacks between rolls for every hit in his basic combo. R1 roll R1 roll R1 roll. Timing is a little different each time, but fairly lenient.
-Parry is a strategy, but you can't dismount him so it's kinda underwhelming for the level of risk.
-If you put on the lightning drake +1 and Radagon's Soreseal (should always have Radagon's) you can just barely survive one honed bolt. This comes in clutch if you misstime one.
-As for dodging the Honed Bolt you want to start your roll just as he brings his shield down. React to the movement of the shield coming down not anything else.
-For fireballs expect a string of them, and expect one any time you blue flask or whatever. I used Carian Retaliation on these as a form of slow chip damage which was useful in his more dangerous phase 2. If using this then alternate parries and dodges of fireballs. If you simply parry each fireball the swords rarely get to go off between you refreshing the AoW, so it's better to do a roll anytime they're still up.
-His later phase his drag lightning you want to roll through. The regular melee roll timing works the same for his empowered basic combos as long as you're close.
-If you need some breathing room to buff or something sticking to his shield side can bait him into a charged shield attack. These are telegraphed, come out slow, and have limited range. Perfect time to use a buff, AoW, whatever.

If you want to see a parry strat Ongbal has a great run where Sentinel spends 2/3 the fight staggered. If I had Ritual Shield by this point and could tank a melee I might bother trying to master parry timing, but it's trickier than he makes it look (as usual haha).

Best of luck.
If really frustrated you could always poison him or summon or whatever.
By Anonymous
On a faith build: Spam black flame or Scouring to cheese his a*s.
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