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By Anonymous
**** this dude fr
By Anonymous
he's not optional
By Anonymous
endgame boss at the start is depressing
By Anonymous
35 deaths and counting. **** him. Elden ring looking more like bad ds3 at this point.
By Anonymous
The first time the game managed to frustrate me. Even his shield stomp oneshots me.
By Anonymous
So you have to time his shield lightning attack perfectly or else you die. Thank you elden ring.
By Melonith
This boss comes off as unbalanced compared to other bosses I've fought in the game
By Anonymous
This boss is horribly designed, **** him
By Anonymous
cancer as a person
By Anonymous
Dam this boss is bad
Every melee hit is an AOE, he has no recovery frames, projectile spam, spends half the fight running away and if that all want bad enough he 2 shots you even with 35 vig
Oh and he has roll catches build in to his move set so if you get a queued roll your ****ed
By Anonymous
So it's an optional boss, that is required to be defeated to enter Lyndell, Royal Capital, a place that is required in the main story... what is your definition of "optional"?
By Anonymous
i think the wiki is drunk
By Anonymous
you can enter the capital by doing ranni's questline... :p
By Anonymous
Killed him third try on horseback. I used Scarlet Rot Dragon Breath and the lone Wolf ashes. I am at SL 63 playing a faith build. The only true dangerous attack of his that can oneshot are the lightning bolt from above where he charges for a second and his forward lightning bolt wave that can easily dismount you (but you can jump over it and survive)

As always I dont recommend going without your Yakul versus him. Play at distance and only look for openings. I tossed Lightning Spears at him while the wolves and my rot wittled him down a bit while going for a lot of r1 swings when he has done his combos.

Very fun boss, I just would like to know where his set is.
By Anonymous
He's weak to frost
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