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By Anonymous
I think this isn't mentioned on this page (my bad if it is), but that greatsword can also RNG drop from any non-boss Gargoyle wielding it, can't it?

I was just watching Lobosjr's first playthrough (it's Part 13 if you want to check), and the Gargoyle in Leyndell dropped him a Gargoyle's Greatsword.

The Greatsword was a RNG drop to pick-up on the floor, and the Halberd was given as an automatic kill reward.

So you could technically get 2 of these Greatswords in the same NG playthrough (the other one being the automatic kill reward from the Duo Gargoyles in Siofra), however only if you are lucky if it's a RNG drop, since that Leyndell Gargoyle doesn't respawn
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I too love it when my sword is slathered in expired sauces
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You can use softer materials to make stronger ones so I don't know what you're going on about lol
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yes, i know it has lore reasons, but corpse wax is just not gonna cut through a human being. corpse wax is MADE of human beings.
By Anonymous
So what you're saying is... this is hitting a mother ****er with another mother ****er, but with extra steps?
By Anonymous
I take it you've never been bitten by another person before? Human teeth are still made of human beings.
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well this weapon is kind decent now you can try charged tailsman but with more poise equipment and it will be so fun to play with in pvp and pve
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Hey this looks like a good str weapon, i sure do hope i dont have to beat a terribly designed boss for it :D
By Anonymous
this is the other half of the gargoyle's blackblade. it was one weapon, split in two, and both halves mended with corpse wax. you can see that the tip of this blade is the original, and the body of the other is the original. this one looks like it's cleaner though; the blade shines bronze, and even the corspe wax looks way nicer. i guess the influence of the rune of destined death really took it's toll on the blackblade. their weapon arts are similar too.

makes me wonder what it looked like in its prime, and how the two parts got separated so far.
By Anonymous
are you looking at the same weapons as me? Both this blade and the blackblade have a broken tip.
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I love my booger sword, I don't care what any of you say.
By Anonymous
wish we could get a version without the boogers at the end
By Anonymous
dlc maybe
By Anonymous
B scaling in faith is actually pretty good