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By Anonymous
bad shield only blocks 93%
By Anonymous
This is such a dope looking shield. Spiked Palisade may be better, but it's hard to resist this shield's inherit drip.
By Anonymous
Wish this was a somber shield, with the shoulder tackle or the ground slam the bell hunter does as an Ash of war
By LordBDizzle
Outdone by the Spiked Palisade shield in almost every regard. Only thing it has is being slightly lighter, but if you're looking for a bleed greatshield Spiked Palisade beats it in every damage mitigation category, damage, stability and ties bleed buildup.
By Anonymous
the looks tho are kinda important for other, and we cannot be a true merchant killer without the whole set.
But yeah you are right nonetheless : the piked palissade is better to any regard unless for the weight.

It would have been nice to have some kind of unique ash of war on this shield, like the big slam that the boss do at a moment...
By Anonymous
why this isn't somber with its own skill is beyond me
By Anonymous
It's a piece of wood covered in barbed wire.. What did you want? A wrestling move?
By Anonymous
to the snarky anon below (above?) me it could be the Bell Hunter's tackle, or his slam, that would have been amazing, you absolute boring ***
By Anonymous
Hahaha, what did you want, a wrestling move. Nice.