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By maitkarro
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The elemental damage thing seems only to work when doing dmg with that weapon, it doesn't do anything to boost other weapons attacks/skills.
By Anonymous
Am I reading the chart correctly? Does the physical scaling actually **improve** when infused with an ailment?
By Anonymous
It's not the best halberd in terms of stats, but damn, does it look slick
By Anonymous
After the statement "Slightly increases Elemental Damage negation (+2%)" it should be noted that this buff does NOT stack when powerstanced.
By Anonymous
Perfect weapon for prophet. If you're going for level 150 you can slap Black Flame Tornado on this thing with 80 faith, 38 mind, 60 vigor and the stats required to use it. It will deal tremendous amount of damage! Very good for pure caster builds!

Also wanna mention it deals slash damage instead of standard damage with a normal halberd animation, so I do believe that it was supposed to have the same moveset such as guardian spear or loretta war sickle but was later changed for some reason.
By Anonymous
Almost all the halberds were changed from Standard/Pierce to Slash/Pierce in patch 1.06
By Anonymous
I wouldn't call 4 Glaives (Nightride, Pest's, Lorettas and Normal) almost all Halberds, when there are 16 Halberds in total.
By Anonymous
To be fair there's 10 halberds with Spinning Slash as the default skill, plus Loretta's having a special slashing skill so they probably assumed the change to damage type applied to all of those, which would be 11 out of the 16 total
By Anonymous
Here's hoping for pest armor in the dlc for cosplay
By Anonymous
Personally, I'm hoping for a more pest-themed armor than an armor actually made out of a pest. The amount of sleek-looking light-medium armor in this game is sorely lacking compared to the bulkier medium to heavy armors (not counting robes/clothing as light armor, btw)
By Anonymous
this thing really needs some intrinsic poison or rot or something
By Anonymous
use grease or can you not?
By Anonymous
Or anything to mske it worth the equip slot really, ither than being cheap and easy to use.
By Anonymous
It’s a halberd, like any other one… what do u mean worth the equip slot.
By Anonymous
The second line of the item description implies that the design of the weapon carries significance for the pests, an expression of their culture. - d
By Anonymous
all races are beautiful
By Anonymous
Frankly I find the idea of "bug culture" offensive.
By Anonymous
it may also be a hint about it's weirdly good infused scaling