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By Anonymous
Somber 7 is the most ridiculous to find in the whole game, I'm barely into Liurnia and I have every stone but 7 and 10. 3 copies in fact of somber 9s.
By Anonymous
What a horrible description of the volcano manner whereabouts
By Anonymous
Don't you have better things to do with your life.
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By Xyri257
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Large Fingercreepers past Giants Grave Post site of grace drop these regularly
By Anonymous
"found on a ledge guarded by an Abductor Virgin across the bridge northwest of the Temple of Eiglay site of grace." lol instead of giving actual directions to the stone you use a path that involves a skip.
By Anonymous
The link to mowgyn palace shows a regular smithing stone 7
By Anonymous
I'm still trying to understand From's thought process on making this the hardest somber stone to get? Every other one is fairly easy to get to, even 8 and 9 aren't hard. It's just this one.
By Trombone
Probably wanted to make a "balance separation" between becoming too overpowered too early.
By Anonymous
just finding one in an open world should be the challenge. having that knowledge should give you the edge. a single mindedness should be rewarded. choose a single weapon for your build, strengthen it up, and then when you get the stats, you should be able to wield it at one step below max. if survivability was better, i could understand cutting off the weapon upgrades more, but the enemies are prone to superior speed, range, invincibility, and maneuverability. not to mention being able to one-shot you. if a sword requires 50 strength to wield, you put in the work to level up that much and risk low health and stamina, that risk should be rewarded with power.
By Anonymous
I really regret not using a normal weapon now, this is so stupid.
By Anonymous
Farmable: the fingers at the Mountaintops near the Church of Marika
By Anonymous
I'll post it as a top level comment: The earliest +7 you can get is in volcano manor. I beat him at rune level 1, and my dodging skills are average at best. Get yourself some bleed weapons (eg 2 uchikatanas if you started as a samurai, or metoric blade/uchikatana works too) and a few sleep pots. You can craft those with the Fevor's Cookbook (1), that can be found in limgrave. Then you'll be able to kill the godskin noble (the only boss that prevents you from getting it "legit"). He's behind the fogwall just behind the big bridge. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons to +5-6/10 before the fight, it helps. Use the sleep pots until he falls alseep, be careful that throwing a sleeping pot when he's falling asleep will wake him up (yay). Then keep hitting him until he stands up, throw some again and repeat. He has a phase transition where he begins to roll (you can't stop it), just get behind a pillar, put it rather precisely between you and him, and you're good. And btw, those sleeping pots will still be very useful when you fight the Godskin duo. After that you can get a +8/+9 in Caelid, but I guess you know that.
By Anonymous
Or just slap flame of the remanes on a weapon. Two casts breaks his stance. Absolute joke.
By Anonymous
As of 1.06 early SSS7 (by wrong warping and/or Manor skip) isn't possible anymore
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