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By Anonymous
With 50 strength and 36 intelligence this actually does 103 more damage than a cold zweihander. The only problem is that troll's roar is an awful ash of war.
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By EvilUnicornLord
Well there is an upside for this. This is the only colossal sword other than the zweihander that has the stab R2 instead of a different one and that's arguably the best strong attack for colossal swords. It's by no means a good weapon but it does have that going for it.
By Anonymous
Yeah, but zwei is much stronger, longer, lighter, easier to get, has lower stat requirement and you can put an ash of war that might actually be useful. This weapon has only the looks.
By Anonymous
Just finished my first playthrough of elden ring using this
By Anonymous
what kinda people down vote someone just saying they used a weapon?
By Anonymous
Early game weapon for a Str/int build but your probably better off rushing ruins greatsword in caelid with summon cheese and cranking strength asap so you don’t have to level dex
By Anonymous
"B D C scaling in Strength, Dex, and Int respectively. Great blade phalanx for the AoW" - wtf is that line? Is this a wish list or what.
By Anonymous
Yes, literally what it needs for anyone to ever bother using this weapon.
By Anonymous
Come on FromSoftware, this thing is too beautyful to be that bad.
By Anonymous
Average scaling. Double-digit weight units. No critical modifier. Un-buffable. Split Damage. Sheesh. Dark Souls 1 had many cumbersome weapons no ever used: Stone Greatsword, titanite Catchpole, Artorias Greatsword, Server, etc. I didn't think the trend would continue.
By Anonymous
All of those weapons you mentioned from ds1 were amazing tho for PvE at least. PvP was limited to like, rapiers.
By Anonymous
Horrible weapon, i upgraded it only because im running a "all equipment blue" build and is the only blue colossal sword, i dont care about the damage or scaling, but why the hell im not allowed to change the garbage aow if is not even a unique aow for the weapon?! The troll roar is just ok and it feels rewarding when i actually knock down a player with it, but is so slow, does low damage and the range is bad, the only good thing is that it has a small lingering hitbox and you can hit anyone from any side, but it should have, i dunno, the same abilities the trolls using it do?
By Anonymous
I mean u do get to roar like a troll...
By Anonymous
The ash is actually great. You’re just not used to using thing close. It’s an amazing wake up close range. It also stance breaks. Roll into an attack and hit it for that last move stance break. Works great.
By Anonymous
I'm not sure if I'm accurate or not but recently after one of these patches I noticed that if you press R2 after the trolls roar there is a follow up attack. Does great damage in pve. Haven't tried it yet in pvp.
By Anonymous
It does just ok damage, but is not worth it to try since is so damn slow and leaves you exposed for years after you do the attack
By Anonymous
This sword just makes me so sad, like it’s one of the best looking colossal swords but the damage is just so blatantly low that it isn’t really worth using. It gets heavily outdamaged by the royal greatsword on a str-int build and a magic zweihander on a pure int build, and the only build where it even stands a chance is quality-int but you won’t get good damage returns until like sl200+. The AoW being locked to trolls roar is also terribly unfortunate, as something like carian grandeur or greatblade phalanx would fit much better.
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