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By Anonymous
The charged R2 on this weapon deals the seconds most poise damage of any such attack in the game, only bested my the Great Club. Yes, this sword's charged R2 deals more poise damage than colossal swords, great hammers and colossal weapons (except Great Club).
By Anonymous
Whoever added the map screenshot showing where the platform in the lake is, you're the real MVP
By Anonymous
Cannot find this guy anywhere the directions dont help, I feel like i've raised every platform
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By DarkMojo
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I updated the above with a picture showing where it is at. I had a hard time finding it also for some reason. You will know you have the right one if it lifts you up with it, and there is a ladder on it afterwards (only one I think like that).
By Anonymous
I gave my low level friend one of these,and then the massacre started.
By Anonymous
That weapon has 2 weird thing going for it, first it has higher poise damage on its uncharged heavy attack compared to other greatsword (1H: 13.75 vs 11; 2H:13.75 vs 12.1), secondly it uncharged 2 handed heavy attack True Combo into 1 light attack unlike any other greatsword in PVP for some reason, you can use the gravity ashe of war and follow with that combo which is pretty cool, the ashe being cancellable with roll and backstrp allow you to do some cool mindgame, its a pretty cool weapon, more than people give it credit for.
By Anonymous
i think one in the tunnels drop a weapon with lords push ash of wear not pull
By Anonymous
If you die after this drops (due to scarlet rot in my case) the item disappears and does not appear to respawn or remain. I have essentially lost my ability to get this sword on this play through.
By Anonymous
There's another Alabaster Lord that drops it in Yelough Anix Tunnel.

You're lucky today, my man

By Anonymous
Happened to me, then I randomly got it in that tunnel of yelough every one keeps talking about!!!
It’s pretty cool sword, I personally like the Onyx Lord great sword (it pushes, rather then pulls!!!)
By Anonymous
Okay, the one in Yelough Anix tunnel respawns. None of these do but this one.
By Anonymous
There’s another dropped in the Yelough Anix Tunnel
By Anonymous
Most of the gravity based weapons have such low magic damage and scaling that it would be better for them to have no magic damage and just scale physical with int. As it is, there is very little reason to use these with anything more that base int requirement except the skills, but at that point it seems better to just put gravitas on a regular weapon
By Anonymous
Extra poise damage and motion values
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