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By Anonymous
If you died on the platform, there is a way to get back up. Walk south from where the platform used to be until you hit the wall (very close). Walk east along the wall until you reach a ramp. There is a ladder at the top of the ramp that brings you back up to the platform. GL.
By Anonymous
First off, thank you! Lol
By miori
Anyone found out whats up with another stepping platform up where you fight this guy? It looks like it was pressed already or not active yet. Looks like something else must be done to activate it
By Anonymous
Also drops in the Yelough Anix Tunnel, now i have 2 which i never use
By Anonymous
ok ok everyone talks about how to get it. Could somebody tell me how does this perform? Is weapon art useful/strong? I dont want to blindly waste my smithing stones
By miori
It is good but this game has so many op and broken stuff so just good weapons don't shine at all. Could be better with a better scalings:
- It has B strength and D int and dex at +9
- i have 15 str and 60 int and weapon art does 1000-1300 damage aoe around but casting time is pretty slow. Maybe full str build could make thus sword shine but i'm not really sure
By Anonymous
Just got it as instructed above! Easy kill.
By Anonymous
larger area aoe gravitas but obnoxiously slow to perform
By Anonymous
Does this drop from the one that’s spawns by the water wheel in Raya Lucaria Academy?
By Anonymous
no, it drops the gravity spell. I know this one drops from an Alabaster lord in Rot Lake on the raised platforms
By Anonymous
No, that one drops a gravity spell. The one in the Lake of Rot drops it, and apparently another does as well.
By Anonymous
Based on the upgrade chart shown on this page, this weapon looks more to be a STR weapon with a touch of magic damage, and not an INT based weapon. Oh well... then again, INT builds can have the Darkmoon Greatsword, so I guess it's okay.
By Anonymous
I just killed this guy, received the sword, looted the +9 stone and Elden Ring crashed. Now the sword is no where to be found in my inventory and he won't spawn. What gives?
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