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By Anonymous
So, what percentage based damage does this spell deal? Does it matter whether the spell's charged or uncharged? I Black Flame Tornado does at least 13.5% percentage based damage when fully charged.
By Anonymous
Doesn’t matter, you’re guaranteed a minimum of 2% of Max HP per cast.
By Anonymous
Dreams wreathed in black flame
Premonition , temptation
the Greater Will shuns
By Anonymous
Miranda's bane.
By Anonymous
I don't get why people like this spell so much. I have a pure faith build running and compared to Lightning Spear and Frenzied Burst this thing falls by the wayside. I guess the DOT would be great in a boss battle who has a ton of health but on strong enemies my lvl range its faster and more mana efficient to use other spells.
By Anonymous
Just like literally any other spell in the game, its situational. Sometimes, this is the best spell you can use, other times, its one of the worst.
By Anonymous
Very good for low level boss rushing. Percentage damage lets a lvl 40 kill endgame bosses.
By Anonymous
You're underplaying the importance of being good against bosses. Bosses are by far the biggest challenges the game throws at you, so being able to fight them is the most important aspect of a build.
By Anonymous
It's cool
By Anonymous
I've found it works exceptionally well against the Tree spirits.
By Anonymous
Does godfrey icon improve the damage over time?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It does not. The DOT is fixed regardless of the attack power of the spell.
By Anonymous
Is the DoT on this spell improved with the Old Lords Talisman?
By Anonymous
Unfortunately, no.
By Anonymous
I keep coming back to this incant on my faith builds.

Yes the projectile arc is slightly awkward and it is (mostly) a single target spell, but:
* Fire damage is generally effective in this game
* It's chargeable
* The percentile damage is great against bosses

This is a great choice when a boss is mobile (Godfrey) or hard to reach with weapons (ancient dragon, astel), just spam uncharged casts and watch the HP drop.
By Anonymous
I find the arc isn't so bad. I've played Low faith and High faith and consider this one of the best Incantations for FP to Damage Ratio.
By Anonymous
This spell have range increased with Arrow's Reach Talisman
By Anonymous
I'm one shooting people as high as 1800 hp, yuppie, I love it. There's need to be dozens of attacks that can potentially reach one shooting range (1800hp) 'cause it makes pvp a lot more interesting, and fun. By the way, it's not fun when you need to hit someone an endless (healing potions, healing incantation, etc) amount of times before they are vanquished, especially in invasions. In invasions, you MUST BE ABLE TO ONE SHOOT ANYONE, otherwise you will most likely get 3v1...
By Anonymous
Free aiming this and treating it like a smaller Giant's flame take thee is the way to use it in pvp. The explosion that happens when this is fully charged is bigger than you'd expect to the point where you can reliably hit fully charged shots by aiming at the ground next to the person instead of at the person. Also like other status effects, the explosion can still apply the DoT even if the person rolls the initial damage. Sure that's only like 50-60 damage but that's free damage.
By Anonymous
Yeah and if you run away and start charging it while facing away, people usually don't have their guard up for when you suddenly spin around to release it. I've caught way too many skilled opponents like this. This works for almost any charged skill, but it's especially painful when it's a projectile with a %DoT effect
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