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By Anonymous
this along with the other black flame stuff is really good at chipping away at shield users in pvp
By Anonymous
absolute carry on SL1 runs. just go all blue flasks and spam uncharged fireballs at status-immune bosses
By Anonymous
Wish we get more godslayer incantations in the future, like a catch flame counterpart or whirl o flame
By Anonymous
Can someone update this page? There's an actual formula to the burning: "[MaxHP x 0,001] + 1" damage, done 10 times per second for 2 seconds. This same formula also applies to the other Black Flame spells, including Black Flame Blade.
By Anonymous
Couldn't this be simplified to 'DoT = 2% of max health +20 over 2 seconds'?
By Anonymous
flame shrouding cracked tear does buff it! wow, so I guess everything fire and incantation related will buff it, that's a lot
By Anonymous
Works fairly well against the Godskin Noble, amusingly enough.
By Anonymous
Well Mohg is susceptible to bleed despite being Lord of Blood, so its not that strange ig?
By Anonymous
Mohg probably getts off of being bled like his patron Mother of truth that desires a wound, but he does also gets a damage buff of any bleed.
Now Godskins actually have high fire defense, it's just that black flame melts practically everything that isn't outright fire immune in this game...
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