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By Anonymous
Evil Gundyr basicaly.
By Anonymous
Parrying normal melee attacks works incredibly well for these guys, dodge the shield slams and roll past when he does the corkscrew sword attack, otherwise they swing with very predictable timing!
By Anonymous
I'd rather fight Malenia 1000 times than fighting this cheap sucker
By Anonymous
so i decided to do the dragonbarrow one using melee only, it took many tries to learn the timings, got 1 shot or 2 shot more times then i care to admit. Have to say i got tempted a lot to just do it the easy way: just kite him on the horse & use ranged attacks (properly timed rock sling makes it quite trivial).
This has been my experience with many enemies i encountered in this game, fight them the 'proper' way they can be difficult to the point of frustration, fight them the other way and they are almost too easy.
For me the fights overall in this game were disappointing, they seem poorly balanced as compared to previous titles from formsoft.
By Anonymous
Have spawns changed? Or did they make it so killing Elemer kills the others? They aren't showing up in my world and I really need sanctuary stones and thin bones but I can't get the bearings......
By Anonymous
Hate these ****heads
By Anonymous
About the last one: jump on a rooftop and spam spells or arrows; it's a dirty way, i know, but it works.
By Anonymous
If you're having trouble and are impatient/easily bored by cheese like me... take a bewitching branch with you to Dragonbarrow and run out to the big doggos down the road. Bewitch one and use it as a distraction for you to set up your DOTs (rot, poison, etc) and get to kiting distance. Rinse and repeat as necessary. There are more dogs nearby if needed. Just aggro and bewitch, then run them back to the dingus. Took me two tries once I figured this out.
By Anonymous
Dodge in melee, into his swings; jump -> R2 every time he shield slams. Not much else other than learning timings.
By Anonymous
I beat the game and I'm level 173 and I still can't beat the Caelid one...
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