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By Anonymous
Does anyone know how to get the Omen to destroy the glowing statue on the ground? I thought it was similar to using the Giants back in the CNT to get smithing shards X3. But it's not destroying it.
By Anonymous
I don't think you can use the omen for it, but you can lure the giant from the north-east down to break it.
By Anonymous
I don't think you can use the omen for it, but you can lure the giant from the north-east down to break it.
By Anonymous
Yes, you have to pull the giant in front of Godrik's room to the statue ;)
By Anonymous
Any idea how to break the statue near this monster ?
By Anonymous
Lead the giant to it
By Anonymous
I originally thought you could get the Omen to break it, but you need to go past him and to the right, and follow the path until you find a big giant, lure him over to break the statue
By Anonymous
One of the best examples of the unlimited stamina enemies Souls games have had since DS3.
By Anonymous
You spelled DS2 wrong
By Anonymous
The best example are those three knights of the great jar you have to kill for the talisman, they all got infinite stamina and infinite fp. I got a few casters spamming moonveil up close and huge spells every time i backed away
By Anonymous
Theres a big ol' Giant nearby that you can kite to destroy the statue next to Omen. Be Sure to kill Omen before hand so you don't have to fight both the Giant and Omen :o
By Anonymous
Big Brain Idea: Or use the Giant to kill the Omen Ogre too ;)
By Anonymous
This thing can ****ing poise through colossal swords to the face. My +6 weapons are tickling him. He's sending his stupid dog after me and killing us both for **** and giggles. I can deal with blade birds, Stormveil knights and Margit, but this thing made me go take a break. Only time I got close was a long *** attrition battle on shield + Claymore.
Any tips to kill this thing smoothly without magic?
By Anonymous
UPDATE: I got gud. Keep rolling into his attacks and do neutral jump/shield/roll away when he uses his hand swipes. Otherwise the only thing he can hit you with is the jumpback slash, so just watch out and block/iframe that. You can end up rolling to it's back and the backstab will wipe off half its' hp bar with a good weapon. That or just run past and ignore him until later, when you can 3hit him.

Lure the dog out with a knife/spell/incantation first for an easier time.
By Anonymous
Shoot his dog or throw something at it. Should come solo.

I just finished farming his Omen Cleaver, using my old curved greatsword, a +1 Dismounter ashed with Lion's Claw and fire damage. Open with a backstab crit, follow with 2 Lion's Claws which knock him down every time, he's dead.
By Anonymous
Bring a Beast-repellant torch with No Skill attached so the dog will leave you alone and you can still WA. Slapping Troll Hunt on a colossal sword will usually wreck the omen
By Anonymous
The version of these in the subterranean sewers bit need a nerf of some kind. Just something to throw the player a bone. Take away the missile attack. Reduce their hp, stop the absurd recovery and combos to give at least some window to actually get some damage in. At the very least don't have them dotted about like normal enemies. Come on Fromsoft, we all know you make hard games, but you really are just sniffing your own farts at this point.
By Anonymous
The combinaison of high HP + ceaseless attacks + high damage output is really annoying ... Remove one of these parameter and they'd be fun to fight, but here ... The subterrean sewers' catacombs are not fun to traverse ; either you get mauled or you run through everything ... Either way : no fun.
By Anonymous
It smell like b*tch in here
By Anonymous
They are a odd mix. They have very lengthy combos for big enemies. They have grabs, and their hand-swipe and kick have very high poise so you cant interrupt them. In general you can interrupt them with jump attacks/charged attacks, but if they decide to do the swipe you're gonna get hit.

Fishing backstabs on them works pretty well.
By Anonymous
The sewer ones are specifically difficult entirely due to their homing ranged attack. Their melee is pretty easy to dodge as the majority of their attacks have a blind spot, but there is a limit to what one can do while dodging homing projectiles at the same time.
By Anonymous
They're trivial to kill with a good shield and counter attacks. When enemies are hard like this its because you're not using the right approach.
By Anonymous
Game does not need to be any easier, already really easy and unchallenging compared to old souls
By Anonymous
Trying to figure out if the AXE variant drops the axe, in the Cliff-bottom catacombs
By Anonymous
SAME! This and the large Demi human at castle morne have such cool big axes but they don't seem to drop after a lot of grinding sadly.
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By theheromachine
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There are three more in an encampment, southwest of the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge grace.
By Anonymous
Wow this guy and his common enemy version later on some cave are very weirdly tuned enemies.
They attack non-stop, have very short recover on most of their moves, tons of extenders to their combos, varied timing, varied moveset, fast moves, delayed moves, and a lot of HP.
The only way to fight them clean is to dodge until some relatively big move comes out and backstab it. I don't know if there's another enemy in the entire series that you have only 1 way (besides cheesy stuff ofc) to kill reliably.
By Anonymous
Heavy jump attacks stagger them them easily and make them flinch you can just spam jump heavy and they rarely ever even move. At least from my experience that is. Makes them one of the easier monsters to deal with if you don't think this strategy is too lame or cheesy.
By Anonymous
Or just dual wield collosal swords and perma stun lock them.
By Anonymous
Is using a shield to block and then counter r2 cheese? Because I own them like that.
By Anonymous
They have hyper armor on hand attack and kick, other than that you can stagger them or outrun with daggers
By Anonymous
yeah I used heavy jump attacks and staggered them in 2-3 hits for a riposte. completely trivialized the underground area
By Anonymous
Basically any heavy posture damage attack will work. The r2 hit from the Square Off skill seems to reliably posture break the one in Stormveil in 2 hits, and the first hit staggers them out of most attacks. They *can* be cheesed, but you can also use the new stance breaking system to ruin their whole day if you know how to use it.
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