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By Anonymous
"supple tail"

ok, dude
By Anonymous
10/10 for a Crucible Aspect Incantation.... Very very useful in many situations. ( Decent reach when Charged , Hyper Armor when Casting Charged version , Deals very High Physical Damage , Deals insane Stagger/Poise Damage ). Ontop of that it gains from both Golden Vow and FGmS buffs.... S Tier Spell. Only downside is how minimal useful the Uncharged version of this spell , so you might aswell be a decently geared with good Poise. ( This Spell doesn't even need good armor if you equip Leaden Hard Tear Crystal buff aswell ).
By Anonymous
be nice if ya'll could update the tips section to include damage bonuses from talismans like Godfrey Icon
By Anonymous
Wish it was cheap and fast due to how much crucible knights like to spam it. Imo, this should have been a cooler equivalent to bestial sling, but just the tiniest bit slower with some hyper armor, and then make it cost around 16 FP instead of 22.

this incantation is basically "the final boss when you unlock it as a playable character"
By Anonymous
I don't care if this incantation is good or bad, I'm still using it
By Anonymous
This is the same tail that the Godskin Nobles have.
By ToastTrooper
Another thing I'd like to add that I already mentioned but will go into further detail: You know how LIGHTNING FAST the crucible knight uses this? They butchered this incantation super hard for no real reason, meanwhile, Heavy melee Sorceries like Carian Greatsword and Carian Piercer get excellent cast speeds along with damage. I'm reminded of this a lot while playing around with this incantation, they should really buff this.
By Anonymous
This would probably be too good if it was as quick, massive, and damaging as it is when the crucible knights use it. But they could really increase the range on both swings by a good bit to make up for how slow this is to cast
By Anonymous
to the 17 Sep anon, they could just reduce the damage and poise damage to make it fast. Also, bestial sling exists and it would be nice for people to use another fast incantation for once.
By ToastTrooper
I wish this was as good as the Crucible knights, but it needs more speed and damage. In practice with PVP, it becomes way too predictable given how slow the cast time and tailspin are, especially the second tailspin. I recommend going for uncharged tailspins more often as that's the quickest way to use it aswell as going in for trades using it's massive poise. Even then though, the damage is a bit low and It's the second tailspin that does more damage. Going for free aimed tailspins is recommended too. In PVE it's really good at its job, but for faster, high poise bosses it's VERY hard to pull off both tailspins because of how slow it is. Bosses like Malenia are perfect for this incantation however, as both tailspins stun her and knock her over. In conclusion, this incantation can still be fun to use but it definitely needs some tweaking, perhaps in the next patch.
By Anonymous
how can she slap
By Anonymous
Slap peeps through walls!
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