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By Anonymous
If you accidentally give him Larva Tear, you could still use "You're Beautiful" Prattling Pate to make him stay before resting at the grace
By Anonymous
Oh, awesome! I literally just had this happen. I accidentally gave him the tear first and came here hoping I could still save him.
By MadManMorris
Tried this quest end game. The capital is already ash. Can’t find him anywhere after i gave him the needle at coastal cave. Too late to finish or am I missing something?
By Anonymous
Not too late! go to the capital rampart grace and approach the capital from there. you will be able to rekindle the east capital rampart grace from there. rest, and he should show up!
By Matt1yu
Thank you, 11 Apr! Couldn't find him at any of the listed locations - didn't think to rest at East Capital Rampart instead of just fast travel there. He's in the Southwest corner of the room, in case anyone else has trouble seeing him.
By Anonymous
even though his behaviour might seem pathetic, this is one of the very few trustsome NPCs who actually treat you decently from the start without the need of licking someone else's boots, along only with Roderika, Rya & Alexander, also being the very first one to acknowledge you as a lord even before you actually procceed to become one, he shows concern for your wellbeing from the very start as he intended to "save you" from the demi-human cave, and then shows immense gratitude after you succeed, despite his rather pitiful-sounding behaviour, which me and most people just shrug off because, much like Alexander, Roderika & Rya, the guy is a real one, unlike most NPCs which are all either male simps (i.e Seluvis & Blaidd), female simps (i.e Fia & Tanith), untrustsome sneaky bastards (i.e Gostoc, Patches & Ensha), generally unlikeable unethical outlaws who also treat you terribly and act cocky (i.e Blackguard Big Boggart), bipolar weirdos who decide to attack you for seemingly no reason, out of nowhere and all of a sudden (i.e Bernahl, Diallos & Edgar), egocentric fools who expect you to "earn" their "respect" after not having completely underestimated, disregarded, mistreated and not trusted you at all, on top of ALSO acting cocky (i.e "great" Kenneth Height & Hewg) or people who blatantly manipulate you from the very start for their own selfish goals or to lick someone else's boots instead (i.e Varre, Corhyn, Sellen, Shabribi, Melina, Rann, Gideon Ofnir, etc), and the other ones are EXTREMELY forgettable, plain blank characters with not much to them (i.e Diallos, Iji, Irina, Nepheli Loux, D Hunter of the Dead, Yura, Latenna, etc).

so ngl, it actually boggles my mind that so many people seem to dislike Boc this much only because of his "please mother forgive me for existing" behaviour when he is one of the very few characters that treat you decently just for the sake of doing it, unconditionably, while manipulating, smug, egocentric, cocky bastards like Melina, Ranni, Blaidd and even Patches get the praises.
By Anonymous
I actually like people that have their own goals, ambitions and even flaws. This dude is just annoying. I don't care how nice he is to me, that's precisely why I can't stand him. Also hard to take you seriously when you talk about how evil/unethical certain characters while using terms like "simp" to describe them, which is just ugly. Or call them egocentric for not catering to the needs of a complete stranger from the get-go, which is just weird and entitled.
By Anonymous
I agree with everything you said: except you forgot Rogier!!! He’s another kind, helpful character
By Anonymous
Rogier is just another one of Fia's simps (aka the simps of the simp), in fact, i'd say the OP could have included Rogier as well as that fat-armor dude in the "forgettable plain blank characters" bracket, though i cant blame them for forgetting even their name so i guess the "etc" is there for it.
By Anonymous
Yeah but Boc's behavoir gets annoying after a bit
By Anonymous
cant forget the pope turtle bro, yknow, Miriel, characters like him and boc are the sole reason i did not go pay a visit to the Three Fingers to burn this world down.

if there are ANY characters with pure, innocent, wholesome hearts in the game at all, its those 2
By Anonymous
Nepheli Loux is pretty decent tho, she has her own sht to deal with
By Anonymous
It was my intention thst he's be the most likable npc in the game. He is based roughly on someone I used to know - the best possible version - and that is why everyone else is as bad as they are. I've never based a personality on anything in rl apart from him, so I guess he is the most realistic character in all of literature, and Elden Ring the most realistic setting. The theme tune for Elden Ring is 'Sleeping On Trains'.
By Anonymous
He's based on someone I used to know. The best possible version. I don't like him.
By Anonymous
Worst feeling in the game, I thought I would accomplish something good ny giving him the tear, now Im in tears. From please dont kill all the innocent people☹️
By Anonymous
If you're having trouble progressing Boc's questline: I got stuck on altus plateau and could not continue questline until I found out, after the tree burns, you have to reactivate eastern rampart capitol site of grace. This site of grace can be found by heading east from Lyndell capitol of ashe site of grace. Boc will not move until this site is reactivated!
By Anonymous
After exhausting dialogue options related to the (demigod alterations step) I was stuck on altus highway junction site of grace, after web hunting I found that you can warp to leyndell capital of ashe and head east to reactivate east capital rampart, then poof he finally relocates yay no longer stuck
By Anonymous
Sorry for repeat I did not think this post was submitted properly!
By Anonymous
I love this little guy so much you don’t understand. I’m on my first playthrough, and before I met him I had never heard a Demi-human make a human noise, never mind speak a tongue I could understand. From what I’ve gathered, he seems to be one of the few NPCs you can grant a happy ending (?) so I’m going to go out of my way to make sure he knows he’s perfect as he is ToT
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