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By Anonymous
Is it just me or does it look slightly like roaring halberd
By Anonymous
The weapon art does like no damage but very spamable. Doesn't seem to give hyper armor during cast so don't spam it close range!
By Anonymous
WA stuns regual enemies with 1 hit, elites with 2 at most, bosses and very big monsters 3.
By Anonymous
20 int required but e scaling in int..... really man.
By Anonymous
To be fair, there's a lot of ways to increase int without actually leveling up.
By Anonymous
Don't be too scared if you use the wa and it does little damage. The weapon art is very spamable
By Anonymous
The weapon art is the same as the dragon slayer swordspear so anything in the way if your target like a bench will interrupt you
By Anonymous
Did some decent damage to the last boss
By Anonymous
This weapon is absolutely incredible in the right build. I did a smoosherer gravity mage + Big heavy weapons build, with this weapon in one hand and the meteorite staff in the other. The weapon art does SPECTACULAR damage despite what people say, it just scales with INT and is buffed by the meteorite staff. The art does about as much damage as the rock throw spell but casts far faster and uses less FP at the cost of less range.

It is incredibly powerful for staggering targets, and 3 casts of the weapon art can stagger most dragons or huge bosses with the right build. Swap to a high crit dagger and you're unstoppable.
By Anonymous
tested it and the skill's damage doesn't scale with meteor staff though its still very good for stagger. I wonder if alexander's shards are a good fit for this
By Anonymous
The art is not buffed by the meteorite staff
By Anonymous
Man I've BEEN telling my friends this! Currently running a SL 180, Strength & INT build running exclusively Ice & Gravity magic. Using this weapon has made fights cakewalks and sometimes even my mimic tear & I just absolutely annihilate a boss by both using the weapon art: however, I'd like to know, can you confirm that it is indeed impacted by the Meteorite Staff?
By Anonymous
A leveled up Jellyfish friend is super helpful here. Poison seems to proc pretty quickly
By Anonymous
The skill is not buffed by the Meteorite staff, neither is it buffed by the graven-mass talisman, but scales with attributes, with strength and dex giving more damage per point for me than intelligence (lvl 123, tested with changing talismans from +5 int to +5 dex to radagon's scarseal (+3 str +3 dex)). Tentatively recommend not going above 20 int if you just want the weapon art
By Anonymous
So this would work well on a physical strength/dex build? I don't love the idea of leveling int personally, but this weapon and its ash are just so attractive.
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