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By Anonymous
RIP :(
By Anonymous
Does pierce damage, is the longest of its class, and has a strong spammy WA
By Anonymous
The AR for this weapon seems low considering the stat investment, but it is a colossal weapon that only does pierce damage. The damage on counter hits plus spear talisman makes it perfect for trading hits with.
By Anonymous
very stupid but very funny
By Anonymous
keep one of these in my back pocket just to give gankers a taste of their own medicine
By Anonymous
Can easily stunlock bosses to death. Mix your flask with the tears for increased posture damage and infinite FP. Spam Gravity. Face roll every boss.
By Anonymous
weapon skill is hella cheap for how op it is, could probably be a bit more expensive
By Anonymous
Ruins greatsword is better, faster, hits harder, more versatile, much better scaling
By Anonymous
Being summoned in academy gate, host straightly spamming triple ring of light, i did damage he's healing 5 times, just pull this weapon and spamming l2, wins point down.
By Anonymous
The requirements are pretty high for new tarnished in ng run! But once you reach the requirements and get this big insect tooth upgraded, its performance worth all the investment...
Spam weapon skill and see those badass big enemies with a ton of poise stagger...
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