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By Anonymous
To counter the red ones spiked cartwheel of death in Mogwyn Palace...get the Briar Set from Castle Sol, equip any of the pieces(I use the gauntlets usually) and just roll when they do it. This set does damage to anything that contacts you while you're rolling and their death cartwheel is designed to break if they take ANY damage whatsoever. It's a nice easy counter.
By Anonymous
*Correction: Briar sets in Shaded Castle.
By Anonymous
Funny little fellas
By Anonymous
The crawling **** are annoying as hell with their stupid instant grabs with zero warning that do tons of damage, atleast they die pretty easily.
By Anonymous
I mean, the freaky Exorcist staircase crawl sound is the warning.
By Anonymous
It says "their wooden shield, small bent club, and leather armor are unobtainable." This is not true. When I was farming them in liurnia for the dirty chain mail (I'm sorry brothers please forgive me) I got several of those clubs and shields. I also got some sort of crescent staff thing.
By Cataclyx
did you get the albinauric shield or their wooden one that looks like it was just shaved off a tree? as for the clubs i think youre referring to the curved clubs, which are indeed obtainable. the crescent staff thing would likely be the ripple crescent halberd. all of these, save for the wooden shield, are in the loot table, at least now (im not going to assume they were or werent there before bc tbh i dont care)
By Anonymous
I genuinely thought the first generation ones were living turds when I first encountered them
By Anonymous
The tortured variant scared the ever-living daylights out of me the first time around.

But now, they don't scare me as much. Still a bit unsettling, though.
By Anonymous
They are still freaking me out, the tapping sound they make when they crawl seems to do it. I hated farming the magma blade because of the one at the top of the lift.
By Anonymous
Did the runes they give in NG2+ been nerfed with 1.05 or I am crazy please?
By Anonymous
This is jirens clan they went to elden ring they didnt die he just got left behind
By Anonymous
And got massive bellies
By Anonymous
Elden Ring lore has lots of Abrahamic themes. Anyone notice the real world parallels to the Jewish people? They're oppressed people who are ostracized by the dominant faith and forced to live as servants or exiles. They're led by Lauretta to their "promised land" (the Haligtree). Makes it even sadder when you realize how many were led astray by Mohg right before their destination, and how none of them made it to the Haligtree.
By Anonymous
"Upon reaching Mohgwyn Palace, one can fast travel to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace and use the Wave of Gold weapon skill to farm Albinaurics. Effective yield of around 6,000,000 runes per hour with the Golden Scarab Talisman."

another coincidence
By Anonymous
The parallel doesn't work very well, since now many of them became the oppressors oppressing the Palestinians and other ethnic minorities, which is very different from Albinaurics, since they did not become oppressors in the end
By Anonymous
now that you mention it that ripple axe weapon kinda of resembles the candle cross thing doesnt it
By Anonymous
poor guys fated to get slaughtered in mass to please greedy tarnished
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