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By Anonymous
E.T. Looking ***
By Master of Octopi
One with a club and shield dropped the Curved Club, a hammer that's not yet listed on this site.
By Anonymous
What are the stats on it?
By Anonymous
Ayy Lmao
By currly30
Ones with shield also drop Albinauric Shield.
By Anonymous
Has anyone who’s fought these guys found out if the ones carrying the Shamshirs also drop shamshirs? I’ve been farming for awhile to see if they do and so far nothing
By Anonymous
I feel like everyone is coming to this page to find out exactly that. The curved clubs drop like crazy I got to think the swords wouldn't be THAT different.
By Anonymous
I seen Millicent using their sword so I���m assuming it drops I want the 6 pronged axe thing and the other halberd looking weapon they have
By Anonymous
You can find a shamshir in the highroad cave at the end of the river above agheel lake
By Anonymous
Can also drop their shield. Called Albinauric Shield.
By Anonymous
These are my favorite enemy in the game. Just the way they
By Anonymous
They're my favorite ashes. Watching them do their stupid cartwheels into getting squashed by a giant is so funny.
By Anonymous
has anyone gotten the mud and grass shield to drop from them?
farmed em for about 2 hrs and couldn't get one to drop sadly.
By Anonymous
Wait, those human looking people with fading legs are also albinaurics. Also they have an albinauric woman, which is just a pale human. Which is the right one? Or are they kind of mutated?
By Anonymous
They're both Albinaurics. The human-looking ones are first generation Albinaurics, which seem to have a flaw in that their legs always give out and they die soon after. If you look at Latenna (the woman) her eyes are sort of weird on top of her being unable to walk, hinting at this. It seems the second generation Albinaurics are altered--they look less human but also seem to lack the lower half paralysis problem that plagued the first gens. They explain this in the ashes for the two big-headed Albinaurics I think
By Anonymous
Got to update my last comment a bit. If you go to the Village of the Albinaurics during the day, the truth becomes apparent: after a while their legs literally start *disappearing*. Look carefully at the ones hanging from the gallows
By Anonymous
These are the new generation and unlike the ones before they���re very agile and able to cartwheel around
By Anonymous
Rude. Flexing on the first gen and their disability with their cartwheels.
By Anonymous
I thought Albinauric was a generic term for artificial humans
By Anonymous
Yo first reply thanks for the lore dump. Think these enemies are really interesting and I'm glad I was able to find some answers to the questions I had about them lol
By Anonymous
Super mutated.
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