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By Anonymous
possibly weak to gravity spells? gravity stone fan did a lot of damage despite the boss not being shattered
By Anonymous
Ouch, didn't think of that despite being a sorcerer. Would be great if anyone can re-rest.
By Anonymous
I can confirm, gravitational stones are working wery well.
By Anonymous
I can confirm, gravitational stones are working very well.
By Anonymous
there definitely weak to gravity magic i just did it with it .
By Anonymous
get staggered
By Anonymous
Why do I do so little damage to them?
By Anonymous
Keep Attacking, preferably backstabs. Their armour will break relatively quickly and you'll soon begin doing immense damage to them.
By Anonymous
do damage which breaks their poise and you'll eventually shatter them, once that happens you do a lot of damage to them
By Anonymous
Strike weapons absolutely crush them.
By Anonymous
How do I kill this thing I’m literally doing 4 damage I don’t understand
By Anonymous
same. I'm guessing magic is required?
By Anonymous
Do not use enchanted weapons, remove ashes
By Anonymous
Do not use MAGIC against Crystalian. You will do literally no damage to it. Use MELEE against it.
By Anonymous
do not try to repeatedly backstabbing them to break their "armor", the armor is tied to their first posture break and I think backstabbing does not work towards that. Preferably spam your heavy attacks or weapon arts, especially easy if you have a big weapon
By Anonymous
this does work actually. in my opinion its hard to hit them without getting hit unless you backstab so its a good option
By Anonymous
Crystalian has a major weakness. Do a poise break then use the crit on the poise break it will destroy her defence. Also a good multiplayer strat is to use 2 players to back stab stun lock untill poise broke.
By Anonymous
For everyone confused on how to beat those bosses if you stagger them than their exterior breaks and you deal regular damage, also their poise is done, you make them stagger by using heavy atacks, charge heavy atacks deal the most stagger damage with jump heavy atacks deal the second most stagger damage and normal heavy atacks deals the least, anyway succes fellow tarnished.
By Anonymous
Use blunt weapons with no magic elements to kill them easier
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