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By Xyri257
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Took me a while to work out how to keep 2 of them occupied while I used a claymore with lightning +17 to smash the 3rd. Use your rot boluses as needed. I equipped the Cleanrot spear in my left hand and the Mottled Necklace to up my resistance. Then two handed the Claymore.
Using a group spirit summons like Greatshield Solders helps to keep two bosses occupied but toss some warming stones at them when you can to keep them alive. Then grab the 3rd boss and swing away to break poise constantly and beat the tar out of it. Go for the second boss, tossing another warming stone on your spirit if you can, swing away, rinse and repeat with warming stones, bolus, etc. but keep swinging to keep that poise broken. Success!
By Anonymous
Did they nerf the putrid trio ? I just fought them and it was a joke, they were too passive.
By Anonymous
If you’re able to use Fingerprint Shield you can use your Shield Bash skill to bypass having to break poise at all. Unsure if this works with all shields or not, but I’m dealing like 700+ damage pre poise break
By Trombone
****er with the wheel is able to launch his ****ing wheel through walls. Died to this absurdity in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Be ware.
By Anonymous
So, still no crystal chakram from farming...
By Anonymous
It doesn't exist, sadly.
By Anonymous
The fight is a ****ing JOKE now. They nerfed it sooooo much. I remember the first days of elden ring. THIS BOSS FIGHT was unplayable literally so ****ing hard. And now its a joke
By Kraden50
I agree that it was a bit of an overnerf - they are so much more passive now. The others basically just stand back and watch while they fight you one at a time.
By Anonymous
They never were hard
By Anonymous
If you don't know yet, summon the skeleton militiaman duo and one will simply revive while the other takes the hit. Trivializes the spear one, while i took an unforged halberd to kill the staff user first, since it poses less problems if you dont let it cast any magic.
By Anonymous
Some greatbow shoots to the Face work well in haligtree against thoose at the revenant alley
By Anonymous
[laughs in O Flame, Cleanse Me! and Distinguished Greatshield]
By Anonymous
Gravity Stone Chunks + Sacred Miséricorde = easy fight
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