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By Anonymous
***** he insulted sun man
By Anonymous
The colluseum location is on the eastern side, not the western, for those who struggle to find him
By observeroftime
The Colosseum is north-west of Leyndel, and Corhyn is located on the eastern slope of it. You go up the hill following the path to the duelist, and then take a sharp left and follow the slope alongside the structure going east north-east.
By Anonymous
Totally messed up and popped Cohryn on this run through. Miriel, Pastor of Vows, makes reference to this of the Lord Radago's statue harboring the skeletons or secret of Lord Radagon - to paraphrase - Choose "About Radagon" dialogue option.
By Anonymous
i have just tried to do his questline, but when i went to his first location i found his bell bearing, and i assume he died
By Anonymous
You may have progress too far in the main story. For my Brother Corhyn, he was alive by the colosseum until I burnt the tree down. It’s best to do his quest so he can leave the capital with goldmasj to the mountaintops
By Anonymous
I like him
By Anonymous
I’m taking all my prayer books to dog pope, this whingey little dipshit can keep all his *****ing about heresy to himself.
By Anonymous
To be fair miriel also calls it heresy. Hes just not a little ***** about it
By Anonymous
Virtue makes your vice uncomfortable.
By Anonymous
I don't even see corhyn. Goldmask is on the bridge... maybe they're in Leyndell now? I don't know...
By Anonymous
Did... Did he just kill goldmask?
By Anonymous
Goldmask dies the same way whether or not Corhyn is there by the endgame. Maybe he just up and dies once his job is done. Wouldn't put it past a dude who basically won an argument against the greater will
By Anonymous
Praise the sun ending! \[T]/ \ { - - - } /
By Anonymous
I didnt give him the tonic and he stayed on the bridge anyways and Goldmask is dead in Leyndell. Something bugged out.
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