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By Anonymous
Forgot about the guy and only remembered him when I reached those crumbling lands. Mf is dead. Poor guy was probably waiting for me and got attacked by those zombies
By Anonymous
He mistook the Tarnished’s action for Goldmask’s
By Anonymous
Do not kill the jojo pose dudes.
By Anonymous
People like this dude have caused more problems in the real world. After getting gold masks stuff and his spells, in the following play through as soon as I got to alteus I killed both of them. And boc because Boc is a pathetic character and a waste of time.
By Anonymous
Blind faith
By Anonymous
I regressed the statue before talking to them near erdtree and now can’t tell him the radogan answer.
Screw you sunflower
By Anonymous
Did you read the new message that appeared that said: “radagon is marika”? Because i’m pretty sure you have to read it
By Anonymous
You need to tell Goldmask the answer, not this guy.
By Anonymous
He has eyes and they are blue
By Anonymous
I wanted one spell for him and didn't realize he only sold it after moving but died when I triggered the cutscene moving to Crumbling Farum Azula. Basically I have to do another run through the whole game to get that one spell for this one build. I suppose it doesn't matter much but it would have been nice to, you know, not lose an essential NPC due to slightly missed timings. I wish at least the spells he gains after moving to Lyndell dropped along with his Bell Bearing, but no, apparently you have to talk to him in Lyndell to get this one spell and not just take his Bell Bearing if he died after moving to the location where he adds that spell to his repertoire. Very finnicky.
By Anonymous
Imagine simping for the Golden Order.
By Anonymous
Yes, what’s wrong?
By Anonymous
Can I still get the spells from the books I gave him when he dies ?
By Anonymous
Yes, as long as you get his bell bearing it can be given to the twin maiden at the table of lost grace. Then the spells that were available for purchase from him can be bought from the twin maiden.
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