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By ZehelFenris
does this work on the dragon breaths now after today's patch? the patch notes said, "Fixed a bug where the Roar Medallion Talisman effect didn't increase the power of some incantations."
By Anonymous
Update 1.09 now let's it boost damage of dragon breath attacks also. Needs to be updated.
By Anonymous
After patch 1.09, has anyone tested if this amplifies the secondary effects of dragon communion incantations? Like, the debuff from greyrolls roar, or the frost/rot buildup of dragonice/rotten breath?
By Anonymous
apparently it was a glitch that stopped it from working on dragon incantations who woulda guessed
By Anonymous
As of Patch 1.09 the Medaillon affects roar-like incantations too.
By Anonymous
Patch 1.09: Tested, now works on breath-based dragon communion incantations. Initial damage done to albinauric enemy from Dragonice increased from 111 to 122.
By Anonymous
This just got buffed so it worked on ‘some incantations’ please tell me that means all dragon communion.
By Anonymous
since todays patch it seems to work with dragon breath attacks. enjoy
By Anonymous
With patch 1.09 now boosts the dragon breath incantations aswell as Greyolls Roar.
By Anonymous
With the recent patch (1.09), it should work with dragon communion spells.
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