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By Anonymous
Do Great Runes carry over into NG+ or do you have to get them all again
By Anonymous
They do not carry over.
By Anonymous
No they don���t, u have to collect them again
By definer
No, you can���t enter the captial until you get them again
By Anonymous
Has anyone beaten the game with every single one of these runes yet? I think that's the current idea of how to get the mysterious 'final' ending
By Anonymous
I beat the game with all runes listed on this page for every possible ending variation and no difference or another choice was presented

If there is another ending we must find another mending rune I think
By Anonymous
There are 4 endings
Two mending ring (elden lord)
Frenzy flame

You don���t need all the great runes to get them all
By Anonymous
I'm guessing there is one more rune you get for completing Nepheli's quest. All the extra runes were with the NPCs in the intro except Horah Loux, but he could have handed it down to his daughter.
By Anonymous
gideon was also in the intro tho and he doesnt give you a rune tho there is definetely more to nephelis questline
By Anonymous
Hora Loux is not the father of Nepheli Loux. Ofnir is her father.
By Anonymous
Ofnir isn't her father. Ofnir merely "took her in" in his own words.
By Anonymous
Hora Loux is Nepheli's BIRTH father, Gideon Ofnir is her ADOPTIVE father.
By Anonymous
ofnir is her foster father, no genetic relation. she is genetically related to godfrey, being a descendant of him
By Anonymous
Ofnir took her in and adopted her, but he is not her biological father.
By Anonymous
Strange, I would expect there to be mending runes for Hoarah Loux and Gideon Ofnir as well. Maybe they didn't make the cut?
By Rathial
Nobody has cleared NEPHELI LOUX questline yet I'm assuming that would be the one that gives a rune as well
By Anonymous
Hoarah Loux is only the name taken by the first tarnished after they lost their acknowledgement by the great will, meaning: no wanted connection to their previous rune.
By Anonymous
potentially giving the potion of forgetfulness to her instead of Rya would finish it. i bricked it unfortunately so i cannot test
By Anonymous
potentially giving the potion of forgetfulness to her instead of Rya would finish it. i bricked it unfortunately so i cannot test
By Anonymous
i dont know, but they are tarnished tho ?
By Anonymous
I don't think so, I just don't think they have any reason to mess with the elden ring. Hoarah Loux was already Elden Lord but robbed of his grace and became tarnished again. I think he just wanted to become Elden Lord again since the path is finally opened by the player, but he didn't really have a greater project in mind for the ring like the others. If you read Gideon's equipment it says he saw what would happen if a tarnished tried to become Elden Lord (followed Marika's will) and feared what would happen, so he tries to stop you from becoming Elden Lord. Dung Eater, Fia, and Goldmask are the only ones that want the order restored to their own ends.
By Anonymous
sees like the only characters with shards/great runes are offspring of Marika in some sense (demi-gods). given that Hoarah Loux/Godfrey isn't an offspring of Marika, just a husband it follows that he isn't a shardbearer. Ofnir is just a normal tarnished, not much special about him relative to the demi-gods
By Ulric Daelasol
So theses runes cannot be used during invasions as the invader correct?
By Anonymous
Only morghs.
By Anonymous
Missing mohg’s great rune.
By Anonymous
I'm... personally super-disappointed with the effects of Great Runes. I feel like they should've set up Great Runes as very powerful playstyle-defining buffs.

Godrick's is reliable and useful, but doesn't really stand out.
I feel like the Unborn rune should maybe be a Great Rune that provides FP Regeneration. (I don't think there's anything that does this in ER, sadly...)
Radahn's should amplify weapon arts in some way.
Malenia's is 'Bloodborne Rally Lite' but I've heard it's too limited to be at all useful.
Mogh's seems like a summoner/invader's thing?

I do really like the idea of Great Runes, but I wish they had been more willing to be more 'out there' with how strong they are.
By Anonymous
They are really powerful, just not playstyle-defining. Godrick's Rune gets you between 25 and 40 effective free levels depending on your build which is incredible up to level 120 or so. Then you swap it to Morgott (if you're melee with 60 Vig) or Radahn (if you leveled plenty of Mind). Mohg's effect is crucial to win invasions.

Rykard's and Malenia's are quite bad, unfortunately.
By Anonymous
Great runes don't for when you're summoned, only when you're the host
By Anonymous
Agreed. There was such a vaguely meh/generalist approach to the first few I picked up, that I found myself wondering where the "mage/sorcerer" "cleric" (or even just caster) or "stealth" greater runes might be. But they're all so... blah.

Rykard's is basically an early-game ring in Dark Souls, nothing "Greater Rune" about it. I don't know that'd want to activate a Greater Rune for that, or for a rally-effect, or for a Favor-ring effect, or for a HP-boost alone.

It feels borked.
By Anonymous
There is one item I've found that restores FP, it's called something like star shards. they're rare or an enemy drop. I found them in the academy.
By Anonymous
Rykards is not bad out in the field because you can save yourself flasks by just killing trash mobs easily. Its only ineffective vs bosses
By Anonymous
If you think about it soulsborne has always been about that you can play what you want and feel good with. If the great runes would define playstyle all builds would be centered around them and greatly narrow the actual freedom of build making. I believe that is why they decided to make the runes not that strong.
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By AlatarXarxes
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Starlight Shards regen FP. Limited amount per playthrough. Found at Stone astrolabes
By Anonymous
There are several items/talismans/pieces of gear that will regen FP on kill. Nothing major or infinitely self-sustaining but it will definitely help with open world PvE flask consumption especially if you use a spell/skill that isn't too rough on the FP consumption.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can't use these in PvP. Took me a bit to realize what the heck was going on with my stats every time I got summoned.
By Anonymous
You can if you are the host
By Anonymous
Host gets to keep the Rune's effect, as does every invader with Mohg's rune.
By Anonymous
do these change your eye color my eyes have been turned gold by sometihing?
By Anonymous
Your eyes turn gold if you bought the dragon incantations at one of the alters.
By Anedime
There are three ways I know of that your eyes can turn gold. Weakly tinged gold is from buying dragon powers at the dragon communion. Bright glowing yellow eyes from wearing the elden lord set you obtain after beating Godfrey. Or bright glowing eyes from embracing three-fingers and obtaining the chaos flame.
By Anonymous
Your eyes are gold from buying dragon spells. It's like 5 of them to make your eyes change. You can turn that effect off in the mirror under the eyes setting.
By Anonymous
I didnt get RADAHN'S GREAT RUNE but i killed him. I thought these are 100% drop and I have Unborn but cant use it.
By Anonymous
Unborn let you reskill in the academy
By Anonymous
You probably got Radahn's incomplete rune (not the exact name). It's a few rows lower in your inventory than the great ones. You'll need to revitalize it at its respective tower.
By Anonymous
For Radahn you have to get it from the divine tower in his area. The Unborn one is by default always active. It gives you the ability to change your stats in Rennallas boss room
By Anonymous
you need to activate his rune at the divine tower of caelid. until you do so, his rune will show up in key items by all your keys
By Anonymous
Radahn's great rune is located at the Divine Tower of Caelid
By Anonymous
Unborn isn't something you use. You need larval tears at rennala to "utilize" it
By Anonymous
Maybe you got hit with the glitch? There was a recent update, today I think. Though my internet it out for my ps5 - it is supposed to address an issue where "certain bosses do not give items when you beat them" so maybe that is what happened to you? That would SUCK
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