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By Anonymous
perfect rebirth? we dont loss our runes or what?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It's for stat respec
By Anonymous
it lets you respec at the moon lady
By Anonymous
In case you don't know what respec means. Instead of equiping this great rune you use it at the moon lady to change your dtats
By Anonymous
Imperfect rebirth isn't a game mechanic but lore wise terrible things happen when people rebirth, the rune allows you to do it without drawbacks
By Anonymous
There are actually 8 runes confirmed. Dragonlord Placidaux has one as does Mogh. There are also 10 great rune slots so there's likely 10 great runes total.
By Anonymous
Why the dislikes? He is right
By Anonymous
Dragonlord does not give a great rune. I've gotten 7 total so far after beating him.
By Anonymous
I didn���t see the great rune for dragon lord .
By Anonymous
I did not get a rune from Placidusax, however I got one from Malenia.
By Anonymous
I have Godrick's, Rykard's, Radahn's, Morgott's, Mogh's, Melania's, and the Great Rune of the Unborn, there is no rune for killing Dragonlord Placidusax
By Anonymous
yeah, they unpack game files and find 10 great runes. I have saw all 10 runes in chinese forum.
By Anonymous
can't find them in the inventory. Anyone else?
By Anonymous
I see it in key items but can't equip.
By Anonymous
I see it in key items but can't equip
By Anonymous
Obviously spoilers ahead for first major boss

You access Great Runes when resting at a Site of Grace (checkpoints). However, you do not get access to equipping them until you actually pick up a second key item.

Speaking exclusively for Godrick, once you defeat him, you can access a new door that you may or may not have encountered already at the end of a massive bridge, connecting to Stormveil Castle. Starting from the Stormveil Gateside chamber, exit the small door towards the courtyard, evading the two ballistae shooting at you while hugging the left wall, then go up the stairs. Clear out the ballistae shooters, including the ones up top by jumping and slapping the ballista. Clear the courtyard, and fight the ginormous grey lion tucked in the corner.

Next to the lion is a ginormous archway that leads to a long *** bridge with two stone giants with staves, and one with a bow. You can lure out the melee ones one by one to somewhere safe to fight, or use the archer to shoot the other golems, which instantly opens them for a critical hit on the giant's chest. Use the teleporter at the very end of the bridge's dead end.

On the other side of the teleporter, is a giant door that is only accessible after defeating Godrick. There is minor loot if you follow the broken bridge where there are a few small encounters with aggressive birds. Through the door is just a straightforward elevator+path to the thing that activates Godrick's Great Rune.

Access funky great rune from any rest point. New dialogue with an NPC at the round table if you haven't spoken to them directly after defeating Godrick, behind a previously closed door. Activate the equipped Great Rune using Rune Arcs. If you play online, you can farm Rune Arcs faster by putting summon signs down near easy dungeon bosses, because farming rats is a pain without item discovery and arguably less enjoyable.
By Anonymous
you have to climb up a specific tower. Godrick's rune for example is on the big bridge in the Stormveil Castle
By Anonymous
You have to rest at a site of grace and equip it there
By Anonymous
Rest at a site of grace and equip them there. You can also view them in the inventory but you can���t do anything with them there.
By Anonymous
They should be in your key items :)
By Anonymous
There are a lot of temporary things and consumables in this game. I never even bought brightbugs in Dark Souls 2, can hardly even use resins if I don't have 99+. I just don't like the idea of using something and then dying or realizing it was the wrong time to do so. Especially not on a first playthrough, of which this one will be longer since it's a huge open world game.
By RockiBurnsBridges
The cookbooks and ability to craft consumables make that less of an issue in this game
By Anonymous
You don't lose the great rune on use. If you die the effects stop but you can reactivate your equipped great rune by using a rune arc
By Anonymous
This isn't your personal blog
By Anonymous
people above, he's talking specifically about using the rune arcs
By Anonymous
I agree. It's not a finite resource since you can craft it, but crafting requires farming and farming is not how I want to spend my time in the game. Also having to reactivate it on every death is just tedious and easy to forget about. Even if it was infinite there could still be a penalty for playing poorly, for example it could deactivate if you use a Crimson Flask, it could reduce runes dropped on death by a percentage, etc. The way it is now I suspect that most players simply won't bother to activate their Great Runes, if they even know that they need to use a Rune Arc to do so since there is currently a tooltip in the game that states a Rune Arc simply increases the effects of the rune, probably a remnant from an older version of the game.
By Anonymous
Guys listen to what happened.i playd godrick as summoner for an other host and i get killed a lt the end of the battle.after that i get the trophy and my fog door dissapear as if i killed godrick.but NO great rune...Please someone help i contact to fromsoftwear?
By Anonymous
Restart you're like 5 minutes in.
By Anonymous
It does not get added to your inventory you have to go to the divine towers to activate it then go to a grace site to equip the great rune. The Divine tower you need to go to for godrick's rune is east of stormveil castle where you fight him. If you look at the map its a building in the ocean with a bridge heading towards it, go to the top of the tower there should be 2 fingers and there you can activate the rune.
By Anonymous
ur just stupid... go to tower and reinforce it
By Anonymous
Try to go to "Divine Tower of Limgrave", if this dosen't solve it... I'm sorry to say this but you might have to restart.
By Anonymous
when you rest at a site of grace do you see the option for great runes? you also have to activate it at a divine tower before you can use it
By Anonymous
You have to activate the great rune in order to use it. Just google how to activate godrick���s rune
By Anonymous
Odds are you did get it, it���s just in a weird spot in your inventory, not equipment even though logically that���s where it would be
By Anonymous
you need to get to godricks divine tower to activate the great rune look it up on youtube
By Anonymous
Gyus i DONT have the Great rune.I Had a bug.I dont say that i cant restore his power.I dont have it at all.Ang i cant restart again because i am level 60 anyone know if i can end the game likethis?If yes then i will take it in newgame plus
By Anonymous
softunderwear wont help you with this. back up your saves.
By Anonymous
missing Malenia's great rune
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By SynthBro
Got it now, the page will be updated.
By Anonymous
I have the Morgott one equiped. Says it greadtly increase maximum HP but I don't see a difference
By Anonymous
you have to use a rune arc to activate it
By Anonymous
you need to use a rune arc to activate it; the bonuses will last until you die, at which point youll need to use another rune arc if you want them again
By Anonymous
You have to use a rune arc
By Anonymous
You need to use an Item called Rune Arc to get the effect to proc
By Anonymous
you have to use a rune arc
By Anonymous
You need to use a Rune Arc to get the effects, which last until death or you quit the game
By Anonymous
Also you have to activate it at the appropriate tower.
By Anonymous
You have to use a Rune Arc to activate a Great Rune. Just equipping it does nothing.
By Anonymous
rune arc
By Anonymous
You need to do a backflipp on a cliff and then use a rune ark
By Anonymous
you have to discard all your rune arcs
By Anonymous
Contrary to everyone else's comments, you have to get and equip a Rune Arc
By Anonymous
pog game
By Anonymous
Hey, this actually isn't helpful! Please refrain from leaving word vomit on the forums
By Anonymous
to be fair, it IS a pog game
By Anonymous
Does anyone now how to use rune of the Prince of Death ?
By Anonymous
u cant its for a different ending
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