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By Anonymous
what is the point of seals that scale with stats other than faith if every buff/heal incantation only scales off faith
By Anonymous
The psychological effect on my gameplay this spell has...

Seriously, it's like revving up an engine on me playing way too recklessly for my own good.

But God damn is the damage really there. Powerstanced Nagakibas with Rotten Winged Sword/Millicent's can churn out some unbelievable damage with this spell.
By Anonymous
You can make this work great by using an ash of war with multiple hits that tend to chain together ~2-3 seconds apart, and provide some range and/or forward movement. If you hit 2-3 times across 3-4 seconds, you can easily get ~5% of the enemy's health burned away for one ash of war trigger; this in addition to the physical damage of the weapon. I like to equip the talisman which extends effect duration, and try to chain two full ash of war combos together before the buff expires. Melts big-boy bosses big time!

Practical Examples: Guardian Swordspear + Sword Dance, Bloodhound Fang + Bloodhound's Finesse, Nagakiba + Spinning Slash.

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Will every weapon skill take on the DoT characteristics of black flame if this is cast on the weapon before triggering the AoW? I know the darts from golden land do, but I'm not sure about waves of darkness or spectral lance. I don't think I've seen the black flames flickering or the damage on an enemy HP bar still ticking for a few seconds when they are killed by WoD.
By Anonymous
This incantation is wicked bad, with 80 FTH and the right talismans I cast it on a +24 quality Zweihander that has the waves of darkness AoW against Niall at castle sol in NG+ and it absolutely shredded him and his ganks. On the Zweihander the follow up swing waves of darkness allows if needed has very good reach and it did a load of damage to Niall and knocks cleanrot knights onto their arses and an easy kill before they can proc scarlet rot by impaling you on their spears. Also, I have golden land on a +25 crescent moon axe that wrecked Anastasia in her final invasion at consecrated snowfield. The range on the golden darts is mental as soon as you get a lock they will hit your target with the DoT from blackflame blade but the explosion after driving the axe head into the ground also takes on the DoT characteristics not just the golden darts so if you have a good feel for the timing the explosion goes off just as she gets close enough to hit you and again it was knocking her off her feet, it was an easy kill and she can be a handful in her first invasion at Caelid.
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Fires deadly sin can apply the status effect of this.

Youre welcome.
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By Anonymous
The true potential of this buff isnt in raw ability but in what you can mix it up with. The cast time is short BUT if you know what weapons to put this on, it doesmt need more than 7 secs to straight ruin someones day....pair this with golden land on a heavy greats stars and you apply DOT with the orbs AND heal per hit, which is like 5-6% if each orb hits. On a weapon with waves of darkness, you can apply DOT to entire trash mobs. This is a really good buff if its used right in certain situations.dont expect much on its own with a basic weapon /AOW
By Anonymous
Halberd + Spinning Strikes + Black Flame Blade = Budget Black Flame Tornado...

I don't even know why would you use this combo lol.
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