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By KVenom777
Usually bears are wusses once you get a decent progression on your build. But not the Dragonbarrow One. Beware of the one from the Dragonbarrow Cave. He has whoopin' 18k HP and enough attack power to one or two-shot even the tankiest FINISHED builds. Not even Defensive Crystal Tears and full Bullgoat will save you. Also he is low-key a race car, so he might do his dash/jump attacks twice in a row and sometimes "drift".(a glitch in the AI???)

You should use 1 sleep pot and bypass him, unless you want to die pointlessly, since he only drops the insulting 6000 runes.

Ways to cheese this w@nker, assuming you still wanna fight him:
1. Blackflame and run the heck to safety. Rinse and repeat.
2. Stance-breaking ashes of war (I.E.: Impaling Thrust, Stormcaller, the Uppercut on Greatswords)
3. Comet Azur with Tera Magica and around 35-50 int. (Still recommended to use Sleeping pot here for the setup, or else you might get roadkilled)
4. Fire's Deadly Sin with a glitch (bloodflame blade buff on your weapon)
5. Sleeping Pot + Posion Mist (might take a while)
By Anonymous
Yup, that thing screams FOE from the very moment you first see it.
By Anonymous
There's a clear stealth route the second you walk into the place. I almost never skip enemies but I knew not to take that mf head-on after one hit. Stop shouting "game design" for a moment and just accept that you made a mistake
By Anonymous
1. Stand in the open area where you first saw the Bear.
2. Drop Terra Magica.
3. Throw a dagger at the Bear.
4. Right as the bear starts to charge you mmediately drop a charged Night Maiden's Mist.
5. Back up to the corner and onto the ledge so the Bear can't reach you..
6. Rinse and Repeat.
7. Pray it works for you as it did for me.
Good luck fellow tarnished
By Anonymous
"lesser" runebear
By Anonymous
LESSER Runebear eh?
By Anonymous
throw a sleep pot at the bear and it falls asleep immediately for about a minute. run and grab the bull goat talisman and leave or go complete the rest of the cave
By Anonymous
For as much fight as this bear puts up, it should at least drop 15,000 runes.
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