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By Anonymous
Wish you could get this animation as an emote, just without the aura kinda like when you have no fp.
By m74nu1
Updated the numbers and infos
By Anonymous
This buff nullifes the spearcall ritual weapon art on the death ritual spear. I thought it was because it was a holy spell cancelling out a death spell since death-themed enemies are weak to holy but I'm seeing other people saying the same thing about other weapon arts. Weird.
By Anonymous
Wing of Astel WA Nebula is totally nullified until you do a charged R2, then the WA starts doing damage again. Broken.
By Anonymous
this page has become useless. no info about buff duration/percentage/fp cost.....
By Anonymous
All of that information is in the notes and tips section. You had to scroll past it to make this comment. So did the 56 people that gave this comment a thumbs up. Is the wiki 100% perfect? No. Is it a free resource you otherwise wouldn't have? Yes. Have you provided an equally valuable resource for the community? No.
By MMaya
it's at the bottom under all those video boxes. I don't know why they split text like that. IMO notes and tips should be at the top with all other texts otherwise it's easy to miss
By Anonymous
Completely nullifies stormblade. Lame.
By Anonymous
I defeated the knight and the ash dropped. But after the battle it is not in my inventory. Killing the knight once more does not work, he drops it only once. Is this a bug? Anyone encountered this too?
By Anonymous
Same with me. Idk how fix it. I Will try on discord
By Anonymous
Does not work with Old Lord's Talisman, still 45 seconds after testing.
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By Hirotoro
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Old lord only affects spells, this may be a buff but it itself is an ash of war and not a spell
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By KoyFoster
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Interesting interaction as of today (patch 1.0.7). This buff causes Storm Blade to do 0 dmg. This does not occur of Beast's Roar. Very interesting.
By Anonymous
So, by what percent does it increase attack power, for how long?
By Anonymous
Yes it's 2.5% damage buff on pvp, but it's quite literally a no commitment, no requirement buff that anyone can have regardless of build, making it always worth it on non-faith builds since you can put it on an off-hand dagger and reap the rewards.
By Anonymous
Exaulted flesh, bloodboil aromatic, war cry, barbaric roar, briggats roar, cragblade, Determination/ RKR, are FARRRR better and cheaper than golden vow.