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By Anonymous
I went to where it’s marked on the map but can’t find it
By Anonymous
The map is incorrect. It seems like it's in the cliffs above where it shows on the interactive map.
By Shebull
It's more to the west than where it is shown on map. Patrols the cliff close to the ruins with smithing stone on it
By Anonymous
it's higher up in the map, near the huge door and the invader NPC with a fire mace
By Anonymous
I think the video mentions you have to go there at night, as that's when the Knight spawns
By Anonymous
Similar Knight model but the Knight that spawns at night is near the War ashes vendor and it drops the shield buff ashes whch is covered in the Paladin build guide on this wiki.
By Anonymous
The map is wrong, he is on top of the hill above that fat road area, near the big building.
By Anonymous
the map is wrong, teleport to warmasters shack, take the road north till you cross under the giant highway and see the collisium in front of you then take a right and follow the right edge of the giant highway east till the part where it is collapsed and take another right over the rubble south-southeast and you should see a ruin ahead of you with a cliff edge to the east, head between the ruin and the cliff edge and you will see the knight ahead of you time of day is unimportant (he's pretty much directly left of the deathtouched catacombs marker on the map on the cliff above)
By Anonymous
For anyone having trouble finding him, he is not in the camp. He is in the high cliff above near the edge. You have to go around through the forest and uphill
By Anonymous
the marker on the map is slightly off, this drops off a mounted non-boss knight slightly north east of where the marker is on the edge of that cliff.
By Anonymous
This costs 40 FP to cast, lasts about 45 seconds, and increases damage by about 10% based on some quick testing.
By Anonymous
Meanwhile Jellyfish Shield buff costs 9-FP, lasts 30 seconds, and increases all Attack forms by 20% ?! I tend to think 40 FP for Golden is a bit overcosted,, relative to Jelly. I guess we could combine em���, though, for a huge bonus ����
By Anonymous
you don't need to have the weapon used for Golden Vow to last, jellyfish needs to be on you offhand for the whole buffduration to work. Its pretty neat to use it and switch to you powerstance for example.
By Anonymous
duration seems to be ~45 seconds
By Anonymous
wrong it's 80 seconds
By Anonymous
Actually it's 45 with no time increasing buffs. I imagine you were proud the day you tried to correct OP.
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By maoyalu
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It's at the edge of the cliff. You need to go on top. The coordinates are a bit off. It should be around (-175.9375, 104.54688)