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garbage fight
By Anonymous
She drops a "Perfumer Tricia" summons.
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Who at Fromsoft thought, "yeah, this fight is fun, ship it"
By Anonymous
Spirit summons are not available for this fight
By Anonymous
It didn't work at first for me either but did after subsequent tries.
By Anonymous
It’s a bug. I’ve barely been able to ash summon the whole game. Sometimes, the icon will show up after I’m dead. Lol.
By Anonymous
It's a bug. Some boss fights are bugged for some people. I've run into plenty of fights which are was able to summon using the effigy but not summon spirits. Usually, it only happens with these tomb bosses for some reason.
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best strat i did was hug the side when he does the lunge attack, summon spirits (i used skeleton militia) and backstab the mage.
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if you can deal 500+ damage, easy win.
By Anonymous
The strat that worked for me was parry the dogs first attack, summon a spirit then go after the mage while the dog is distracted.
By Anonymous
I did it with ease, I used the "Lhutel the Headless" legendary summon which gets bodied by the warrior relatively quick. They key is to go in summon something that lasts a bit and survive the first attack from the Warrior charging at you. Equip some dagger with the "Bloodhound's step" weapon art or or use the normal dash one and dash away immediately. By then your summon should have aggro and you can quickly heal/get fp whatever you need.

After which you can kill the perfumer quickly and dispose of the warrior as you see fit. Ranged works well, towershield does a banging job as well. You can 2H your towershield and kill the perfumer with it. The warrior won't be able to get through a 2H tower shield. I just abandoned casting at the start of the fight. :D
By Anonymous
I used the greatshield summon and it was a piece of cake. they cornered the beast and the rest is history.