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By Anonymous
helo :)
By Anonymous
they really need to make these louder. ill be standing 10 feet away from somebody and i can barely hear it over the ambient wind.
By Anonymous
what if the developers added proximity chat instead? wouldn't that be nice
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By Karla
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These are fine but the dark souls HELLO carving hit different
By Anonymous
Killing a host or gank at pontiff then calmly walking over and spamming this on their body was peak gloating
By Anonymous
Needs a “that’s not good”
By Anonymous
I think the potatoes should also "write" the word out into the air temporarily so deaf people/people without sound know what's being said when we use one. Could just work it into the wind/clouds that it spews as it speaks.
By Anonymous
There should be subtitles available. I would imagine a player who had trouble
Hearing would have them turned on.
By Anonymous
Yeah, I really wish they were subtitled for HoH people :(
By Anonymous
Are these a reference to Mild Mannered Pate from DS2?
By Anonymous
I enjoy the prattling pates a lot theyre fun in co-op but also when is fromsoft gonna put a aztec death whisle pate in the game
By Anonymous
I thought I was the only one who knew about these haha…epic
By Anonymous
Man what is the lore reason for tarnished like being afraid to talk other than yelling at people when waving, they literally gotta find some weird rock thing to blow into like a horn to say hello? can the tarnished only make grunt noises like a gorilla or something lol and also does that imply when were telling NPCs about something that happened we just grunt the words out at them until they barley understand what your trying to say
By Anonymous
no because the voice this prattling pate make is boc's mother. the tarnished does talk
By Anonymous
The tarnished says…something when dying to fire damage. To me it sounds liked him or her shouting “oh no!” or smth
By Anonymous
Not as good as the DS3 version.
By Anonymous
jesus ****ing christ yall will complain about anything
By Anonymous
comparing something = complaining. cry more anon