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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The deep voice these make are horrifying. Certainly not as friendly as Hawkeye Goughs' carving... I miss the ol' giant.
By Anonymous
So this item does nothing but say "Hello"
By Anonymous
In the good ol��� ���I���m Batman��� style of gravel too
By Anonymous
This thing sounds intimidating as heck, imagine the reaction you could get as an invader if you snuck up behind the host and dropped this lol, I’d love to do that sometime
By Anonymous
So what is this key item for other than to creep people out?
By Anonymous
you never used the "I'm sorry" carvings in dark souls games, i take it
By Anonymous
I also found ones that say "apologies" and "my beloved" do they do anything else except give me nightmares?
By Anonymous
You can tell Boc the Seamster ���You���re beautiful��� instead of giving him a larval tear. I made the mistake of not using it in favor of giving him a tear because I didn���t know it was an option at the time
By Black_Iron_Bob
It would be nice if each of this fextralife wikis for the Prattling Pates had a embedded sound file of the Prattling Pate so we could hear what they sound like. I can't buy Elden Ring yet so I would love to be able to hear each one on these wikis.
By Anonymous
It woiuld be nice if these fextralife wikis for the Prattling Pates included a embedded sound file of the Prattling Pate. I can't buy Elden Ring yet but I want to hear what each Prattling Pate sounds like.
By Anonymous
Get on youtube?
By Anonymous
There's a prattling pate that says "let's get to it" in the sainted hero grave