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By Anonymous
best tool for dealing with invaders with maxed out flasks at low level, especially since phantom hits allow for applying the duelist curse very easily.
By Anonymous
Invader with maxed out flasks against max level phantoms.
By Anonymous
Best tool for dealing with coward hosts hiding behind overlevelled babysitters playing the game for them.
By Anonymous
Invade. See this. Point down.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If i understand your comment right, you invade someones world, and then point them down for using this against pve? When you invade you literally force yourself into another players world, you cant expect them to change their entire loadout to fight by your idea of honerable.
By Anonymous
Typical invader.
By Anonymous
exceptional low level invading weapon. passive bleed, and the ability to disable flasks to get people to back off
By Anonymous
It is a crime this is so much better than the Halo scythe for scaling. This thing is so hideous.
By Anonymous
this weapon is sexy
By Anonymous
Nuh uh
By Anonymous
Nuh uh
By Anonymous
One of the best weapon in the game for faith users, can be obtained at the very beginning. No bosses before it just run for it, affordable stats requirements, great scaling, builds up bleed, great range, and phenomenal Aow. It staggers, gives you mobility, prevents healing making it viable both on pve and pvp, and gives you absurd amount of poise. It can easily carry through the entire game.
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By GeekyDH
I love getting hit with the weapon art and acting twice as aggressive when they expect you to be defensive. Always catches the opponent off guard.
By Anonymous
Personally I think I prefer NOT to get hit with the weapon art, but you do you.
By Anonymous
>I love getting hit
By Anonymous
They need to add more reaper weapons in future dlc. Only 4 is kind of silly
By BillyBobUsername
The DLC art Miquella and Torrent are together in a giant field of wheat.

What do you use to harvest wheat?

Reapers confirmed, get hyped.
By Anonymous
Deepest loreeee
By Anonymous
The idea of more reapers because there's wheat in the dlc picture is brilliant. x)
By Anonymous
I hat how it still ghost procs the undead hunter charm effect even if you I-frame it.
By Anonymous
i sure love getting punished for rolling an attack....
By Anonymous
Skill isue.
By Anonymous
Don't worry, the next FromSoft Soulspvp game will have worse hitboxes, somehow, so we'll come back to this
By Anonymous
I stg this thing gets more phantom range every time i fight a player with it
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