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By Anonymous
I dual wield this with bastards stars, been amazing so far with colosseum duels
By Anonymous
It always intrigued me, but it disappointed me.
Lack of reach, lack of damage and poise/stagger.
Situationally great against crystalians, but its unparriable gimmick is only relevant against enemy players.
Overall- save yourself the dex if building Str and go for great stars - it shores up every weakness of the nightrider and then some.
A simple fix would be to give nighrider flail AoE slams that chain back to back, but it would be a nightmare to balance in the pvp meta, so I guess there is no such thing as simple.
By Anonymous
I am using this with Lion's Claw inserted as a backup weapon, had to have a Strike damage type armament next to my Slash type Uchigatana and Winged Scythe (character is dex/faith). It's pretty good, poise breaking is effective, and there is bleed. Damage could be higher.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or do the flails in this game kinda suck? You're better off just using the morning star
By Anonymous
Yet another example of weapons having way to high of requirements in this game.
By Anonymous
Look people, this weapon NEEDS a massive AOE like stormcaller to be effective. Infuse it with occult to get those sweet bleed procs. I like using it with my dragon caster, perfect for creating some space with aggressive players. Unfortunately, this thing is really stat hungry at 24 Dex in a build that otherwise doesn’t really need it. But I need my black three headed mace for my Targaryen cosplay.
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By FyrdDown
"This weapon does less damage that this and that so it's bad" - People with just 2 balls that they can't even infuse with lightning, sounds like a skill issue.
By Anonymous
Wanted to do a playthtrough with two of these and im so bummed how much they suck ***. Need to put a scope on em to even hit anything and they are also slow AF for the dex they require. They cant even break shields as they should be able to i tried summon a red sign friend to test on shields and they cant break any shield better than any other **** weapon or even fists. This goes for the normal flail aswell.
By Anonymous
ok i put wild strikes on them and upgraded higher so they are doing allright now, but still only as an offhand weapon. Good agains crystal enemies.
By Anonymous
This needs a buff, the same scaling but less damage than katanas? AND a slower moveset, the only redeeming quality is the poise damage but with no crit multiplier…
By Anonymous
Strike damage is often better then slash damage
By Anonymous
Dude it's strike damage for a dex user. You use it against knights and crystal boys, not fleshy enemies or pvp. It has its uses
By Anonymous
I was salty when I killed that night's cavalry then saw the dex requirement, so I've never used it. It was pretty funny how big it was when the night's cavalry was battering me with it though, it reminded me of the flail used by the 1st of 9 from lord of the rings. It doesn't look like that when the player is holding it though, it's small enough to trigger flail envy.
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